We all use statistics and user behavior through service liveinternet.ru and set the counter in the first minutes of life of the site. In order to analyze the situation and current trends enough. That is to say, every day – quickly and accurately.
Counter Yandex Metrics we set not on all of our sites, and not the first day. It is believed that the Yandex metric should not be installed if users are still very small. How and where the “grow legs hurt?” Simply put, if your site does not have a good behavioral factors, the metric is useless and not necessary.
But then, is there to argue. Yandex and other sources know how to love your visitors online resource: how many there are, how many pages are visited and how much to immediately return to the search engine.

Yandex Metrics only simplifies the work, and the lack of code metrics on the blog, the website does not change anything.
Thus, everyone decides for himself when to put the code metrics, or do it all.
It is more reasonable to think so, if you need a multi-faceted information about the site to be aware of, it is best to Yandex Metrics nothing. Yandex Metrics are colorful and clear graphics, easy interface and not confused, the same as in the Google Analytics . and in any browser is working properly and correctly, at the same time, Google Analytics is required for correct display of Google Chrome. The analytical algorithms in Yandex Metrics are very diverse. You only need to understand them and make the right conclusions.

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