Reduction of terms:
PS – search engine .
PF – behavioral factors.
NC – human-readable address, the URL (web address).
CMS – Content Management System.
SEO – search engine optimization and website promotion

Consider the reasons why website promotion in the Top-10 , is not so simple and not so quickly as we would like. The reasons fall into two groups:
* Features speed of search engines, which do not depend on the SEO specialist.
* Work with the site and its features. Adapting the website to the requirements of search engines, you can rely on good positions. It sometimes takes a lot of time and money.

And we note separately that the task for SEO specialist – is to study the search algorithms and to apply this knowledge to promote sites. This is an enormous amount of analytical job of work.
But often it has to do someone else’s work:
– Replace the webmaster, examining the principle of the CMS and by presenting it through changes to the site.
– Engage in programming, or look for a programmer who knows the intricacies of the CMS, to control the programmer.
– Replace content manager.
– Up page.
And much, much more, is not directly relevant to the SEO.Dlya all this needs a lot of time and effort.
The more, the joining SEO specialist work, the more waste of time.

The speed of information processing by the search engines

      1. Indexing.

Indexer (search robot) visits the site about once every five days. Retrieves one session a limited number of pages:
– For the first time, about 30 pages,.
– For the second time 200 pages,.
– The third time, page 700-800.
The robot does not download the entire site at once, because the SS limited resources.

      1. Treatment of indexing the results.

Between downloading pages and putting some in the index passes from one week to three months. The discrepancy is due to the fact that the index process is checked, as far as the content is useful and relevant, and consistent with other pages. Check the page for indexing and access, and so on.

Because of these two features of the work of the SS, the sites may be missing for a long time to issue, or to be present to issue not completely. It is particularly important to:
• The newly created sites.
• Sites that have been changed URL-addresses, for example, when creating NC.
• Sites that have appeared just a lot of new pages.
• Sites that have poor structure and the robot difficult to find the page you want to download it.

      1. Gradual Application.

* A link that has been affixed to your site will be indexed within a month. Contact and hit the link to the SS in the cache, it takes another week. And to earn in full force, it shall, within three months.
* Behavioural factors accumulate for 3 months., And only then applied. In contrast to the search engine database updates (updates), which are held once a week update (update) PF occurs only once / month.

      1. Changing the PS algorithms.

Google and Yandex are used for two global updates per year. Thus, every 3 months. committed significant upgrade calling for adjustments promotion strategy.

      1. multi-stage operations.

Work on the site are consistent and multi-character. Definitions and each stage lasts about a month. Namely:
a . an SEO specialist conducts an audit of the site and determined its current state,
b . On the basis of the received data it is intended in its actions and makes a list of works to be carried out on the site,
in . Make a change and made on site.
g . During this time, it accumulates new statistics,
g . See paragraph (a.) – Once again, re-evaluation of the current state of the site, – the changes affect the ranking of the site.

Features of action with the site.

Next, consider the drawbacks 8 Site that impede progress.

      1. Site too “young».

Age site is crucial for success in the promotion.
Young websites do not have a sufficient level of confidence by the search engines. Young websites are always ranked lower than the old and trusted resources.
Explanations for this are several:
* Search engines are wary of new sites. After all, many of these TOS and doorway pages – the sites are not made for people. The younger sites, the less confidence.
* In most cases, new sites have many technical errors, and various defects that impede progress (for example, many duplicates).
* The site in a short time of its existence, not ripe to buy a lot of natural, natural backlinks. Site visitors will not be high.
* Most sites have a poor young behavioral factor due to shortcomings in terms of convenience.
* Some pages of the website may not be indexed by robot PS. Or are indexed, but not in issue – the system of “doubts” in the value of the page, and not in a hurry to arrange them in a database.

If your website is at the age of 1 – 1.5 years, to bring it into the Top 10 for highly competitive requests much more complex and longer.

      1. Too competitive queries.

Please note that very defined, competitive requests that promoted competition for a few years, using large budgets. And your site is not moved to these requests, or moved incorrectly, or moving a little time.
In this case, the output of the top need not at least 6-12 months.

      1. There are a lot of technical errors.

The correction of technical errors require a certain period of time, which in its subjection, and depends on the complexity of the work.

      1. The site structure.

Yandex and Google give the structure of the site – one of the priority ranking of values ​​(ranking).
A site with no deliberate, and not scalable partition structure – nespodruchen for the user, as well as for the Website Promotion .
To move such a site, it happen to remodel. This means that the PS will again be re-index the site. Again, it will take time to accumulate and process the PF. Yes, this is again a time delay. But if you do not spend the optimization of the structure, effective promotion will have to wait a long time.
Because of problems with the structure are always problems with ease in convenience:

* No conventional and convenient means of navigation.

* It is very hard to navigate the site.
* Is not feasible to find the desired information.
* Web – site overloaded with useless distractions.
* The presence of mandatory registration actions in the implementation of any action.
Such errors are examined in the audit of usability, which may take several days depending on the characteristics of a particular site. But correcting the identified deficiencies can last up to several mesyachishek – depending on affordability.

      1. Website useless or useful than others.

* The site has no value to users. There are many sites – in some articles there, and it is not clear what he was, and contacts.
2. Site Content rewrite from other sites. The site does not stand out, offering the same as many similar sites.
It is necessary to find the real solution to the problem of the visitor. And to solve this question better than the competition.
SEO Specialist is developing a strategy for the site based on audience research, and competitors. We are back to the analyst, the restructuring, the creation of content and time website promotion .

      1. Abandoned Site, or “raw».

The site gives the impression that he has not completed or abandoned.
* Do not updated news.
* In the “news” is not news, but old articles.
* Obsolete item price, date for a long time elapsed shares.
The site must constantly develop, to fill, to watch and make sure that it “looks nice”. Often, SEO-specialists spend a lot of time, to convince the client, that is required to live life, to unwind and develop. In that abandoned sites will never be successful.

      1. The factors of trust and participation.

These factors are important not only from a marketing point of view, but also takes into account Google and by Yandex,
Some negative factors:
* No confidence and trust of the coefficients for the user – reviews, certificates, licenses, real-life stories of buyers, photos and data of employees, legal. address, office address and other contact organizations.
* No user interaction, no: hot deals, promotions, bonuses, contests, etc…
In the study, development strategies, data collection and the introduction of a competent structure of the site will take time. But much more time is spent on the client’s belief in the importance of these factors. Often the recommendations last forever: no contacts, no shares are held, is not subject to reviews, etc.

      1. The lack of availability of links to your website.

And let’s see how long it takes for the promotion of the Web sites.
• Let us assume that our competitor and “leader” 1000 links.
• post or to buy at the 20 links per day, it would take about seven weeks (and a lot in a short time can not be placed – to avoid the filter “reference explosion”).
• Six weeks later we bought a 1000 links. But by this time only a small part is indexed.
• After about two and a half months since the beginning of the placement, all links to your site will be indexed.
• After about four to six months from the beginning of the placement, the necessary links will begin to function.
This example – this is the perfect case. In fact, everything is much more difficult and complicated. You should be able to select donors, working with anchors, etc.
Website Promotion – a long process and is not a cheap, but effective and works for long lasting result.

To the site began to improve its position should:
* Timely carry out the proposed amendments professional SEO . Not clouds terms of decision-making.
* Continuing to develop the site, according to the proposed plan of SEO promotion .
Then the site will be able to achieve a good level of visibility and traffic in the months close.

Website promotion (SEO) – it is for companies and websites that are designed and created for a long time and who are willing to invest in the site.