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Why do you need a SITE?

Advantages of having your own website: The First is raising the level of your business. If you have a full-fledged, good quality site, then the site itself sells and raises your level, your status, your brand! Having your own website significantly increases the company's image in the eyes of potential customers and partners. If not,

20 ways to make money on the Internet during a crisis and etc. Part 1

Are you looking for how to make money on the Internet? And having already read heaps of information, have you got confused in it and can’t decide? Then you have come to the right place! We will show you how can really make money on the Internet (without any dubious schemes and scammers), how to

What are the pitfalls when building a website?

Create a site meets the requirements of your company, requires not just work on the part of the web studio, but also of the customer site, ie the client. Unfortunately, quite often there is a situation in which, turnkey website does not meet customer requirements. Why is this happening? How to avoid such situations? Whose

Web design. Designer job

Web design – this occupation, requiring not only knowledge question topics, but also the ability and the “sense of taste”. If your dream – it is work as a designer in charge, of course, the web site design and development, then there is nothing stopping you on the road to take, appropriate to examine the

Update site?

The process of updating the website can be a process to be extremely difficult and time consuming, and “childish” simple. The way may be implemented through an appropriate period of time, the update site, depends primarily on the technology used in creating your web – site. In your decision, therefore, is a choice – depending