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Creation and promotion of Online Shop

In this age of advanced technology more and more people renounce the conventional methods of trade and proceeds to conduct commercialization over the Internet. The advantages of the Online Shop. The advantages creating online – shop in the web are: 1. The probability of the customer see the big-ticket items, from different angles, to get

Security of site on WordPress. Introduction

GKS Web Studio decide to say some secrets that how can save the WordPress site from hacker and bad program more! If you want to order site you must not forget about security of your future site. 3 steps are so much important before you start to save your site: Backup. One of the most

Security of site on WordPress. Part 1

Developers when create site must to be attention about important moments in security of website. Password.Don’t forget that make strong password! Yes , it is so much important that your password will be strong . Don’t worry if you forget it you can return it easily by WordPress admin via email that you set .

Security of site on WordPress. Part 2

In previously article we speak about security essential on WordPress site. It’s time to know more how to protect your WordPress site. Wordpress as CMS (Content Management System) may be vulnerable in cases where no measures are taken that are recommended by the developers of the system. It does not matter for what purpose created

Security of site on WordPress. Part 3

In previously article we tell you about some important moments that are necessary for security of you website. Any site can be subject to possible attacks. Therefore it is necessary to know how to prevent them. In this article, we’ll show you how to protect directories, the admin panel of your site and more. 1.