In this age of advanced technology more and more people renounce the conventional methods of trade and proceeds to conduct commercialization over the Internet.

The advantages of the Online Shop.

The advantages creating online – shop in the web are:

1. The probability of the customer see the big-ticket items, from different angles, to get acquainted with all the technical specifications;

2. Lean on rent, utilities proposals do not need to pay the salaries of employees and pay taxes;

3. Free work schedule; customer can place an order at any time of the day and night, and with at least some part of the world.

Promotion Online Shop .

The most famous destinations Web – Management considered these.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – promotion of services according to the Internet – shop in search engines.

2. contextual and display ads – the location of the text and image ads on the marketing of thematic Web sites in the network.

3. Web Analytics – the collection of information on the internet – shop, analyzes clicks and users traversing paths on the web site, the impact of advertising on the web-site.

4. Usability audit aimed at the detection of the main qualities that cause users problems with the shop.

5. Promotion in the social. networks (SMM) – a complex of works according to the establishment, content and promotion of the community in social networks that connect these components in themselves:

    • copywriting – writing texts selling;
    • targeted advertising – marketing ads targeted to a specific audience;
    • Reputation Management – the detection and neutralization of negative comments about the company, the creation of a positive image;
    • hidden management – placement of publications on the forums, in the comments, blogs with positive feedback on specific products;
    • lead marketing – publishing posts information about the company with a hyperlink to its website


Creation and promotion of Internet - shop

When the right and the complex web application management techniques listed above, it is permissible to achieve significant results and to increase sales in a few times! For example, targeted advertising would certainly help to find the target audience, and hidden management and lead direct marketing potential customers on the desired hyperlink.

If you have your own business, then sooner or later you will realize that without the creation and promotion of Internet – shop you can not do .

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