Ready online store. Fast. Inexpensive.

GKS Web Studio decided to support entrepreneurs and companies whose earnings were at risk due to the war in Ukraine and offers to create their own online store quickly and inexpensively. We want to support entrepreneurs in this difficult time by offering a ready online store for sales on the Internet. The cost of such a special offer is only 8000 UAH. Entrepreneurs and companies will be able to very easily, quickly and inexpensively create an online store, fill it with goods and categories, add the necessary texts and put into operation.

Thanks to our vast experience in developing online stores and taking into account the basic wishes of our customers, we were able to create a universal solution for an online store that includes all the necessary basic functionality for starting your online business. The online store includes: a product filter, a personal account, payment and delivery methods, promotions, a site control admin panel, and much more. Dealing with the admin panel is absolutely easy, as it is clear enough for the average user. You can easily add products, manage all orders and customers.

The most important advantage of the ready online store that we offer is that the site will completely belong to you! Once you pay the amount of UAH 8,000 for a ready-made solution, and you get a full-fledged online store that does not require monthly payments from a web studio for its work. This compares favorably with this offer from sites that you can get on paid tariff plans of popular platforms: WIX, Tilda, Ucoz,, etc., where you will have to pay for the site content on a monthly basis. You pay only for the hosting and domain where the site is located. The domain belongs to you, not to a web studio or other platform.

A ready-made online store is perfect for selling men’s, women’s or children’s clothes, appliances and electronics, children’s goods, shoes, bags, jewelry, food, food, flowers, household goods, cosmetics, sporting goods and others.

What is included in the functionality of the ready online store that we offer:

  • Catalog. Here you can place your product categories.
  • Card Product. Here is information about the product: description, image gallery, price, choice of product options (for example, size), article, manufacturer information, product reviews, characteristics, similar products.
  • Reviews for the products. Your customers can leave feedback on products with a rating. Reviews are subject to moderation before publication on the site.
  • Select an option. Very convenient functionality for choosing product options before buying. For example, the choice of clothing size.
  • Characteristics of products. You can specify the attributes of the goods: material, weight, length, and more.
  • Product Filter. Convenient filter with a choice of options, categories, manufacturers, attributes, product prices. This is a necessary functionality for a selling online store, which simplifies the search for the right product on the site.
  • Site search. Search for products with auto-completion after entering the first characters of the name of the product of interest.
  • Promotions for products. Products that are sold on the stock stand out favorably among the others, the new price crossed out by the old price, as well as the size of the discount, which is calculated automatically.
  • Personal account for customers. Your customers can register on the site by entering their details. All orders made by the client are stored in their personal account.
  • Convenient checkout. Popular delivery methods are connected: New mail, Justin, pickup, courier delivery. Popular payment methods are connected: cash, cashless, cash on delivery.
  • Email notifications. After placing the order, the client and the store administrator receive a notification in the mail with order data.
  • Multilingualism and multicurrency. We immediately connected Ukrainian, Russian and English. From currencies added hryvnia and dollars.
  • SEO optimization. The online store has CNC links configured, it is possible to specify meta tags for products and categories. After registering meta tags, you can start promoting your site in search engines.
  • Responsive design. The site can be conveniently viewed from mobile devices: phones, tablets, etc.
  • Slider and banners on the main page. Here you can place your pictures with important information.
  • Unlimited number of categories, products, options and attributes in the store.
  • Adding products to Compare and Wishlist. Convenient functionality for choosing a product before purchase.
  • Pages: about the company, delivery and payment, contacts.

Demo of the ready online store:

CMS, which developed a ready online store – OpenCart. Today, this system allows you to create stores with great scalability and functionality. We finalized the standard functionality of the system, which allowed us to get a fully finished store.

When ordering a ready-made online store, you can order additional services for free:

  • change the color of the site;
  • add categories (up to 20 pcs.);
  • add attributes and options of goods (up to 10 pcs.);
  • add texts for the pages “About the company” and “Delivery and payment”;
  • add pictures for the slider and banners on the main page, if the pictures are provided with the appropriate sizes;
  • add your contacts: phone numbers, mail, address and Google map with location.

Also, any blocks that you see on the demo site and would like to remove, we will also remove absolutely free.

We also send a brief instruction on the admin panel, which will allow you to quickly get used to, add products and start selling.

Functionality that is not presented at the demo is discussed separately and performed for a fee. But we draw your attention to the fact that the functionality that is already included in the ready online store is quite enough to start sales.

Why is our offer the most optimal choice for creating small, medium or large online stores?

There are several solutions for creating an online store. The main ones are:

  1. Order the development of an online store in a web studio.
  2. Create an online store using the online designer
  3. Create an online store on a specialized online platform, for example,

Each of these solutions has its advantages and disadvantages.

1. The first option – to order the development of an online store in a web studio – it would seem the most obvious.

Pros: The site is created for your design and functionality requirements.

Cons: As a rule, an online store with complex or even basic functionality sometimes costs tens of thousands of hryvnias. This is a long and laborious process.

We offer a ready-made, inexpensive and quick to create online store.

2. The second option is to create an online store using an online designer. This is the cheapest option to create an online store, but at the same time the poorest in terms of functionality.

Pros: Low cost. Easy to learn, there is no need to purchase hosting for the site, the ability to change the design of the site without layout and programming skills. BUT only within the framework of the functionality of the designer or its templates. As a rule, there is minimal technical support.

Cons: Minimum functionality for an online store. Heavy and slow sites that are difficult to promote, you can’t implement additional functionality, you can’t transfer the site to your own hosting. The site created on the designer is suitable only for “micro-stores”. If the store begins to grow and develop, its owners will most likely have to transfer the site from the designer to the engine or platform, and this is an additional financial cost and loss of the achieved results of website promotion in search engines for an indefinite time.

3. The third option is to create an online store on a specialized platform, for example, on This option for creating your own online store and starting a business combines the individual advantages of the previous ones, but it is not without its drawbacks.

Pros: Sufficient ease of development, not as simple as a constructor, but also not as difficult as an engine. There is no need for your hosting, you can implement any site design or you can use ready-made templates, much faster and more productive sites than those created on the designers, tools for promotion, technical support.

Cons: The inability to independently modify the functionality of the platform and there is no possibility transfer the site to your hosting. Sometimes a high cost of service.