Adding the Ukrainian language to the site

Should the site have a Ukrainian version?

Whether or not to translate a site into Ukrainian is a question that worries many entrepreneurs and site owners. To date, there is a clear answer to this question – YES. The site, which operates in Ukraine, must have a Ukrainian version. In addition, UA version should be downloaded by default for users from Ukraine.

According to the Law of Ukraine “ On ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as the state ” until January 16, 2021 business it was necessary to fulfill all the requirements and rules of the law and switch to the state language – Ukrainian.

Part 6 of Article 27 deals with the following:

Internet representations (including websites, web pages in social networks) of public authorities, local governments, enterprises, institutions and organizations of state and municipal ownership, the media registered in Ukraine, as well as business entities that sell goods and services in Ukraine and registered in Ukraine are performed in the state language. Along with the version of Internet representations (including websites, web pages in social networks), made in the state language, there may be versions in other languages. The version of the Internet representation in the state language must have at least the volume and content of information than foreign language versions, and be downloaded by default for users in Ukraine.

The official language version of this website for users in Ukraine should be downloaded by default.

As for fines for the lack of Ukrainian-language version of the site , they will take effect from the date of entry into force of part six of Article 27 of the said law, ie 3 years after its entry into force – from 16 July 2022 year .

In addition, advertising must also be in Ukrainian . This is stated in Article 32 of the law:

The language of advertising in Ukraine is the state language.


Loss of traffic and audience?

Adding the Ukrainian language to the site (online store) raises many questions about whether traffic and audience will be lost at a time when the site has been working and promoting for a long time, for example, in Russian, and now you need to switch to Ukrainian. Specialists from the GKS Web Studio have been studying this issue for some time. We unequivocally came to the conclusion that a properly implemented translation of the site and the transition to the Ukrainian version may not reduce traffic, but on the contrary – increase and open new opportunities for development and advertising of the site on the Internet. Translating the site into Ukrainian will increase the target audience by expanding it to Ukrainian-speaking users and increase conversions.

However, the transition to the Ukrainian version of the site must be done competently, taking into account the SEO of the site, which was done before. Therefore, we advise you to apply for this service to specialists.

As part of adding the Ukrainian language to the site, some mandatory works and requirements must be met :

    • set redirects to new pages;
    • create and submit a sitemap.xml;
    • write special hreflang attributes in the site code;
    • conduct primary search SEO optimization of the site: add the correct meta tags (title, description), relevant to the query text and graphic content (images and videos);
    • The Ukrainian version of the content site should have slightly more content than other language versions;
    • translate all modules on the site, products, categories and filters (for online stores), information blocks, menus, etc .;
    • check the functionality of all forms of feedback, baskets, etc .;
    • make sure that the main version of the site is Ukrainian.

The Ukrainian version of the site should open by default when you go directly to the domain itself.


What if the site used to be in Russian and now you need to add Ukrainian as your primary language?

This question also worries entrepreneurs who turn to us. At once we want to note that the situation can be stalemate for the site owner. Because after the transition to the main Ukrainian-language version, the site will temporarily lose almost all positions both on requests in Russian and on requests in Ukrainian. The relocation of the site should be arranged in such a way that losses are minimal. To do this, there is a mandatory sequence of actions that must be followed.

The amount of work on adding the Ukrainian version to the site is quite large, and only programmers together with SEO specialists can correctly fulfill all the requirements. It is best when the translation into Ukrainian language is performed by web studios, where there are both web programmers and SEO specialists. Thanks to their coordinated work, adding the Ukrainian language to the site will be consistent, correct and successful. This is the approach of coordinated work of our specialists we offer to our clients.

We offer adding the Ukrainian language to sites (online stores) that run on different CMS (WordPress, OpenCart, Magento and others). The cost of the service – from UAH 4,000, depending on the volume of work, SEO optimization, and is calculated individually. The cost of the content manager’s work on translating texts is calculated separately at a cost of UAH 50 per 1,000 characters.

In addition to adding Ukrainian, we also offer adding English, German, Czech, Polish and other languages.

Adding the Ukrainian language to the site certainly has more advantages than disadvantages that can be encountered when adding the Ukrainian version of the site. When there is a clear plan and sequence of actions, and the transition is carried out under the supervision of specialists, there is no reason to worry.

In addition to complying with the law, translating a website into Ukrainian is a quick and effective way to get additional targeted traffic that will increase your sales.