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What is Google Analytics?

Today, almost all of the company and a lot of users have their own web site. For Website Turnkey in Ukraine , as in any other country – is no longer a problem in the 21st century. The number of website visits – this is the most common, widespread information, which is expressed by the

Why Yandex Metrics?

We all use statistics and user behavior through service liveinternet.ru and set the counter in the first minutes of life of the site. In order to analyze the situation and current trends enough. That is to say, every day – quickly and accurately. Counter Yandex Metrics we set not on all of our sites, and

Promotion of website optimization keys and semantic core

Whether you are designing a web site without the help of others, or your website has been developed “turnkey”, you have to be aware of the main concepts and the main episodes of the development of the website. You are likely familiar with such theses as: search engine optimization, layout, unique content, and more, but

Creation and promotion of sites in Rivne

If you have your own business, then sooner or later you will realize that without a website you can not do. Today, every company that thinks about its future development, and should have a website. The site – a means by which you can get new clients, profit, to inform about the existence of your

Creation and promotion of sites in Kherson

If you choose Order website , you must, of course, in order to determine who will build the site for you. GKS Web Studio offers professional services for the creation and promotion of sites at a reasonable price. You do not just get a website and marketing a site that will bring you a profit