Development online store on OpenCart

If you decide to order an online store with the optimal set of functionality, then CMS OpenCart is an excellent choice.

OpenCart provides professional and reliable foundation for building a successful online store.

OpenCart – a content management system that meets all the requirements for online shopping. It has all the features you can use to create your own e-commerce site.

Features Platform OpenCart

  • Unlimited categories, products and producers.
  • Multi-language system that supports a number of different currencies. This allows you to reach more potential customers.
  • Reviews and ratings for goods.
  • Import-export of goods.
  • Automatic image resizing.
  • Features such as viewing related products info page, coupons for discounts, etc. well implemented.
  • Built-in backup and recovery.
  • Easy content management system (Admin).

OpenCart – this engine magazina Internet, which can be installed on any web server with PHP and MySQL. It belongs to the category of free software.

Benefits OpenCart

  1. More than 20 payment instruments
    The developers have taken care of so that you can quickly and easily accept payments from their customers. Including Visa/MasterCard, LiqPay.
  2. More than 8 shipping methods
    You can choose the form of delivery that best suits your business. Manage sending orders efficiently.
  3. SEO-friendliness
    After setting up shop next task – is to attract customers. Promote website in the top search engines OpenCart possible, knowing the characteristics of this system.
  4. Sales Reports
    Detailed visual sales results become constant companions of your business.
  5. Variety
    OpenCart allows you to work with a huge number of language versions, currencies, categories, products and producers. A truly grandiose diversity.
  6. Easy to operate
    Any person can manage a store created on OpenCart. It is possible to add products, categories, information, track orders and customers.

But like all systems have advantages OpenCart system has a number of shortcomings, which we can not remain silent.

Disadvantages OpenCart

  1. Since the system is free, then there are problems in the system, and the modules that it developed.
  2. The same page can be reflected in various locations, particularly if the directory has a multi-level nested, that is, there are duplicates of pages. This problem specialists GKS Web Studio can remove, because it is really a negative impact on the promotion of the site.
  3. An Inconvenient extra modules and templates.
  4. The lack of loading Excel and 1C. Since many users are accustomed to Excel and 1C, especially shopkeepers (price lists, bookkeeping, etc.), it can be considered as a serious shortcoming. But GKS Web Studio specialists can integrate an online store on OpenCart with 1C or Excel.
  5. There is also no built-in integration with trading platforms. But that’s not a problem either. Our specialists can integrate an online store on OpenCart with different trading platforms.
  6. No function rapid changes in prices and other characteristics of the admin. In other words, if you need to make a correction in prices for goods throughout the store, you will have to interrupt the prices for each product, which is very inconvenient. But we can deal with this shortcoming. Our specialists can modify the OpenCart admin panel according to your wishes.

Development online store on OpenCart
To summarize, we can say that the system OpenCart – quite a good choice for the development of an online store. Especially if you are applying for a service site creation to experts, they will be able to turn some of the shortcomings of its dignity, and to correct certain errors. The price of developing a store on OpenCart is also relatively low compared to some other CMS. Development online store on OpenCart is the right choice!

GKS Web Studio offers its services to create an online store on OpenCart. The cost of developing an online store «turnkey” – from 700 USD. For more details about our services and their value can be found on page: Services web studio .

If the functionality of OpenCart is not enough for you, or you want to consider a system for a large online store (several thousand products) with a large number of marketing tools, you can also turn your attention to CMS Magento. In this case, the comparative article will be useful for you – “Order an online store .Magento or OpenCart“.

If you choose order development online store on OpenCart, you can contact us in any way convenient for you: call the number shown on the site, write to e-mail: or use feedback form .

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