Business card site

Business card site

Have you decided to order a business card site?

A business card site from GKS Web Studio is an operational start of a business on the Internet.

Turning to our company, you will receive a quality product in the shortest possible time at a reasonable price.

STRUCTURE. A site with article-type pages (the ability to place text, photos, videos). Includes up to 10 pages, the possibility of further independent management of the content and structure of the site.

DESIGN. Development of a unique design according to the wishes and requirements of the client or the choice of a template design with modifications.

THE FUNCTIONALITY OF THE BUSINESS CARD SITE. According to the wishes of the client, the functionality of the business card site will correspond to the landing page, portfolio, blog, representative site, etc.

Have you decided to order a business card site?


  • Convenient site content management system (CMS WordPress).
  • SEO-optimization of CMS: creating canonical links, adding .htaccess, robots.txt files.
  • The ability to further independently add text and graphic information through the site’s admin panel.
  • The possibility of further independent management of the site structure.


  • Creating a website that will be adaptive to different monitor screens and mobile devices.
  • Initial filling of the business card site with information provided by the customer.
  • Creating a cross-browser site.
  • Assistance in registering a domain and hosting in the name of the customer (individual or legal entity).

The cost of developing a business card website – from 350 USD

Terms – from 1 week.

Find out the approximate cost of your project onlineusing our website development cost calculator.

Website development cost calculator. GKS Web Studio
What you need to order a business card website

How does the website development process begin?


You can leave a request on the site, write to our mail or instant messengers, or call directly to the numbers listed on the site.


Our manager answers all your questions on cooperation.


Brief is being filled and discussed.


The final budget and deadline for the implementation of the project is formed.

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I want to write words of gratitude to the people who work here, especially Ekaterina for such an attitude and compliance with all my requirements. The site was done quickly and efficiently. Still very pleased with the price. Wish you success. We continue to cooperate with you.

Averin Andrey

Averin Andrey

Owner of ″Vega VR″ studio

Thanks to Katerina and GKS studio for the work done, patience and additional bonuses and modifications made for us for free.

Pavel Galushchenko

Pavel Galushchenko

Owner of ″Agros″

Thank you for developing the site, the work was done on time, managers were always in touch and happy to advise. We are satisfied, we recommend!

Andriana Malskaya

Andriana Malskaya

Founder of the Malsky Family Foundation
Answering frequently asked questions

Frequently asked Questions

  • How does website creation begin?

    Website development is a creative process. And in almost any creative endeavor, the most important thing is to start. How to start creating a website?

    The beginning is the idea itself: for whom and why are you making a website, and for what purpose? Is this your personal blog? The site of the company? Online store? How close is the theme of the site to you and what to do if you still need to master this subject. How does your site differ from other sites. Or maybe it will not be fundamentally different, but in some places it should be better ...

    After the initial idea of ​​the site has been formed, and you have decided to bring it to life, you must definitely think over the concept and structure of the site very carefully and in detail. This is a very important stage, since all subsequent steps depend on it, namely the design (layout) and content (content) of the site. There are many questions here that you should answer: will I have a menu on the left or on top, will I have a submenu, and how best to place my content thematically, and what will the pages of my site be called, etc. After you have decided on the idea and concept of your future website, you can proceed to the next, probably the most important step: which specialists to contact with this order, or maybe I can create my own website by reading on the Internet how do it? Here the choice is only yours:

    1. you can find a freelancer who agrees to a project for a smaller amount, but there are high risks that the work will not be done at the level you expect, due to the inexperience of this specialist;
    2. you can try to make a website yourself with the help of website builders, which are gaining popularity every day, but here you have to rely only on yourself and on the Internet (will it be able to answer all your questions?);
    3. The last option is to contact a web studio, whose job is to create websites.

    Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that the first web studio you find will work well together. But you can be sure that if you really turn to professionals in your field, then you will end up with exactly the site that will be the realization of your idea and that will work for your business!

    P.S. If there is no planning when creating a site - where to start, what to do in what sequence, then the project may never be born.

  • How is the cost of website development formed?

    Website Development Cost is one of the most frequently asked questions we hear when we are asked for a service.
    The cost of website development is influenced by many factors, but the main ones are design and functionality. It is on the basis of the Customer's requirements for design and functionality for the future site that the final cost of developing the site is formed.