Online Store

Online Store

Decided to order online store website?

Online Store from GKS Web Studio is the implementation of a well-thought-out structure, functionality and modern design.

Turning to our company, you will receive a quality product in the shortest possible time at a reasonable price.

STRUCTURE. An online store with an unlimited number of goods, the possibility of further independent management of the content and structure of the site (as part of the design layout).

DESIGN. Development of a unique design according to the wishes and requirements of the client or the choice of a template design with modifications.

ONLINE STORE WEBSITE FUNCTIONALITY. According to the wishes of the client, the functionality of the online store may include: a catalog of goods, a filter, a search for goods, a cart, ordering, promotions, news, reviews, and much more.

Decided to order online store website?


  • Convenient site content management system (CMS OpenCart, Magento, WordPress).
  • SEO-optimization of CMS: creating canonical links, removing duplicates, adding .htaccess, robots.txt files.
  • The ability to further independently add text and graphic information, manage customers, orders and goods through the site’s admin panel.
  • Unlimited number of pages and sections.


  • Creating a online store website that will be responsive to different monitor screens and mobile devices.
  • Initial filling of the online store with information provided by the customer.
  • Creating a cross-browser site.
  • Assistance in registering a domain and hosting in the name of the customer (individual or legal entity).

The cost of developing online store website – from 700 USD

Terms – from 2 weeks.

Find out the approximate cost of your project online, using our website development cost calculator.

Website development cost calculator. GKS Web Studio
What you need to order a online store website

How does the website development process begin?


You can leave a request on the site, write to our mail or instant messengers, or call directly to the numbers listed on the site.


Our manager answers all your questions on cooperation.


Brief is being filled and discussed.


The final budget and deadline for the implementation of the project is formed.

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The GKS web studio was contacted to modernize an existing online store, which in fact meant doing everything from scratch: a new version of the platform, a new design, and new functionality. In addition, it was necessary to transfer everything that was already working, and all this in the shortest possible time. We are grateful to GKS for a very customer-oriented approach. All wishes were taken into account, the difficulties that arose (where without them) were resolved. At the moment, we continue to cooperate with this company to implement future plans. We recommend contacting GKS Web Studio!

Anna Dombik

Anna Dombik

Head of online store ″Radio Shop″

Hello. We really like working with Ekaterina, we made a lot of improvements on opencart in the online store: integration with amo crm, price and promotion management, finalized the design of the main and mobile versions, smart search, which at first was not so smart, but by joint efforts brought it into shape. We also plan to do integration with 1s, acceleration, SEO optimization. Thank you very much.

Anastasia Rybalko

Anastasia Rybalko

Head of the online store ″My motoblock″

Many thanks for the work done! One can only dream of such a clear schedule and meeting deadlines! Working with you is a pleasure! I highly recommend this company for work! You will be left with a good site and a positive experience!

Galina Maivka

Galina Maivka

Owner of ″Kafftan″
Answering frequently asked questions

Frequently asked Questions

  • How does website creation begin?

    Website development is a creative process. And in almost any creative endeavor, the most important thing is to start. How to start creating a website?

    The beginning is the idea itself: for whom and why are you making a website, and for what purpose? Is this your personal blog? The site of the company? Online store? How close is the theme of the site to you and what to do if you still need to master this subject. How does your site differ from other sites. Or maybe it will not be fundamentally different, but in some places it should be better ...

    After the initial idea of ​​the site has been formed, and you have decided to bring it to life, you must definitely think over the concept and structure of the site very carefully and in detail. This is a very important stage, since all subsequent steps depend on it, namely the design (layout) and content (content) of the site. There are many questions here that you should answer: will I have a menu on the left or on top, will I have a submenu, and how best to place my content thematically, and what will the pages of my site be called, etc. After you have decided on the idea and concept of your future website, you can proceed to the next, probably the most important step: which specialists to contact with this order, or maybe I can create my own website by reading on the Internet how do it? Here the choice is only yours:

    1. you can find a freelancer who agrees to a project for a smaller amount, but there are high risks that the work will not be done at the level you expect, due to the inexperience of this specialist;
    2. you can try to make a website yourself with the help of website builders, which are gaining popularity every day, but here you have to rely only on yourself and on the Internet (will it be able to answer all your questions?);
    3. The last option is to contact a web studio, whose job is to create websites.

    Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that the first web studio you find will work well together. But you can be sure that if you really turn to professionals in your field, then you will end up with exactly the site that will be the realization of your idea and that will work for your business!

    P.S. If there is no planning when creating a site - where to start, what to do in what sequence, then the project may never be born.

  • Why do you need hosting and a domain?

    Many people who are at least a little familiar with the Internet have heard at least once the concepts of “hosting or site domain”. But not everyone knows what it is and what is the difference between hosting and domain.

    If you want your site to appear on the Internet, you just need to know what hosting and domain are. In simple words, hosting is the place where all the files of your site are stored. After all, the site is not a virtual and not a mystical thing? A site is a set of necessary files, pictures, animations, etc. A programmer creates a site by writing these very files, which contain thousands of lines of code. The designer, in turn, works on the graphic content of the web resource. But all these files must be stored somewhere in order to be available as a site on the World Wide Web.

    So, hosting acts as a repository, "home" for site files. The services of this storage are usually provided by a hosting provider that offers you certain conditions (virtual or dedicated server, support or not support for certain modules and features). Based on the services that a hosting provider can provide for your site, the cost is formed.

    To summarize, hosting is a place on the server that a certain company provides you with.

    What then is a domain and why are the concepts of “hosting” and “domain” always as if side by side and are sometimes confused? A domain is the website address that we enter in the address bar in order to go to the site, for example, "", "", "", etc. You can purchase a domain from a domain name registrar. When you have decided on the choice of hosting (file storage for your site), you also need to choose the future address of your site. Most often, the domain is consonant with the name of the company for which the site is being created.

    Therefore, the concepts of "hosting" and "domain" are always close, as it is figuratively the house and the address of your site.

  • What is a CMS?

    CMS is a content management system (content) of the site. CMS allows users to post or change information already posted on the site without the involvement of site developers. This means that the user does not need to have programming skills or knowledge of the HTML language in order, for example, to publish a news item, an article or add an image on his site. It is very convenient and relevant today. A CMS is often referred to as a "website engine". CMS appeared due to the fact that sites were no longer static, and there was a need to constantly update information on the site, which is very important for the development of many commercial projects and companies. Now, in order to add a new article to the site with text and a picture, it is not necessary to contact a programmer. With the help of a content management system, any user can easily do this.

    With the advent of CMS, such a profession as a content manager appeared, which, in fact, is what adds and updates information on the site. To date, the number of CMS is already in the tens.

    But, although CMS makes it much easier for the user to add new content to the site, programming is still indispensable. Indeed, before adding or changing something to the site, it is necessary to create a design, site structure, organize the desired functions and fill it with initial information. And this stage is very important, because its future depends on how well the site is made.

  • How is the cost of website development formed?

    Website Development Cost is one of the most frequently asked questions we hear when we are asked for a service.
    The cost of website development is influenced by many factors, but the main ones are design and functionality. It is on the basis of the Customer's requirements for design and functionality for the future site that the final cost of developing the site is formed.