Today, e-commerce (selling goods or services over the Internet) is growing every day. In order to make sales online, you must have an online store.

If you choose to book online store , then contacting the GKS Web Studio, you get a multi-selling online store with a unique design. We create only adaptive sites. Therefore your customers can make purchases not only PCs but also on mobile devices (mobile phones and tablets) are very convenient and easy.

When ordering online store very important step is the choice of CMS (content management system) for the future of online store . CMS determines largely the possibilities for future online shop. Today, if you want a really modern and well-functioning online store, we advise to stop the choice on CMS Magento and OpenCart. Each of these systems is a specific set of tools which, when properly installed, writing and setting up web programmers studio will allow you to easily and profitably implement online sales. Both platforms are in the top positions of SEO-ranking and are the most popular among online entrepreneurs.

And, OpenCart and Magento:

  1. Both systems are open source and are free to download (other than the paid version of Magento).
  2. There is a large community forum systems have professional support.
  3. Unlimited grouped and related products and categories.
  4. There are multi -languages, -valyuty and -vitriny.

Which one to choose?

When we want to order online store , very often we hear the question: “Which of the CMS is actually better?”. Our answer is: “It depends on what features you prefer over others …”.

OpenCart – a system that is easier to install. Magento Installation will take more time, knowledge and effort.


In the admin OpenCart wins again because of its simplicity. Magento complexity due to the fact that this platform is focused mainly on large-scale stores. It was created especially for shop owners, who are professionals in the field of IT.

In terms of market share, Magento , of course, is in great demand. However, about 30% of the TOP – E-commerce sites built on Magento, making it the largest e-commerce platform in the world.

When we talk about SEO (search engine optimization) , Magento is the leader here. It has built-in functions of SEO and SEO-friendly URL. OpenCart SEO also offers tools that allow a site to occupy high positions in search engines. But, we want to note that, in any case, to reach certain positions in Google or Yandex only ordering website promotion . Self-promote the site on Magento and OpenCart we do not recommend. Since improper promotion may lead to the fact that your website can get into the black list of search engines, and kicked out of the search. Therefore, seek service website promotion to experts.

GKS Web Studio specializes in creating online stores, both on the Magento, and on OpenCart. In Ukraine, we are in 3 rd place on site on Magento for cmsmagazine rating.

gks -magento


OpenCart offers more than a simple set of tools during the creation and filling of the future online store. Magento platform functionality is very developed, but requires “more” technical knowledge. Magento is perfect for large stores with a wide functional complexity.

But no matter how these two systems available and “light” does not appear at first sight, on their own will not work without specialists create an online store based on one of these platforms. So as not having certain knowledge, at the time of installation, configuration, etc. of the CMS, you can avoid a number of mistakes that do not allow you to properly promote your online store, and, therefore, receive income from it in the future.

If you choose to order online store at GKS Web Studio, use our contact form or call us.

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