• Створення сайту від 7000 грн
  • Корпоративний сайт от 10 000 грн
  • Інтернет-магазин от 12 000 грн
  • Пошукове просування сайту від 8000 грн
  • Створення унікального дизайну
  • Підтримка та обслуговування сайтів

SEO site promotion

GKS Web Studio is considering seo site promotion (search engine optimization) as a natural continuation of the movement of the site – from the initial idea to implementation.

Implementation – a stream of visitors entering the site, and then leave the site with a deep sense of satisfaction. And most visitors come from search engines.

How to convince the search engines in the value of the published site? After all, the search engine has no eyes or feelings. Loyalty robot working on the search engine, money can not buy, do not get “an acquaintance” .. Entrust this work to us and after a certain time, you be sure to make the right choice. We do not use “black promotion” and strive to earn “respect” of your site by search engines.

We use our own developed algorithm to promote your site, which bears fruit in 2-3 months after the start of work on the site. Period of 2-3 (sometimes 4-6) months to whom it may seem very large, but if you want your site to consistently maintain a high position in the search engines have to be patient. These terms due to the mechanism of search engines. There are fast methods of raising site to the top, but they sometimes do not provide quite honest methods of promotion, which can lead to the fact that the site will be simply banned by search engines. Therefore, we do not use them in their work.

After the end of SEO-promotion, which will result in the desired position of the site in search results for certain queries, this position will need to maintain the site. Sites of similar subjects will be created more in future, and will compete for you site. In that case, we have also provided a specific list of activities that will provide your site the desired position in the future.

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