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Adding the Ukrainian language to the site. GKS Web Studio

Adding the Ukrainian language to the site

Adding the Ukrainian language to the site Should the site have a Ukrainian version? Whether or not to translate a site into Ukrainian is a question that worries many entrepreneurs and site owners. To date, there is a clear answer to this question – YES. The site, which operates in Ukraine, must have a Ukrainian

development online store on magento. GKS Web Studio

Development online store on Magento

Development online store on Magento If you want to create an online store with powerful functionality and a good search engine optimization , CMS Magento – is a good choice. GKS Web Studio has experience in creating online stores on magento of varying complexity. When ordering a website from us, you will receive not only

Online Shop. GKS Web Studio

Online Shop

Online Shop Opportunities online store without borders. Unique beautiful design shop. User friendly control panel. Online Shop – it is a powerful and effective business tool, which greatly expands the range of services to your potential customers. It is a way of attracting new customers and partners not only from your city, but also of

Update site?

The process of updating the website can be a process to be extremely difficult and time consuming, and “childish” simple. The way may be implemented through an appropriate period of time, the update site, depends primarily on the technology used in creating your web – site. In your decision, therefore, is a choice – depending

Order online store. Magento or OpenCart

Today, e-commerce (selling goods or services over the Internet) is growing every day. In order to make sales online, you must have an online store. If you choose to book online store , then contacting the GKS Web Studio, you get a multi-selling online store with a unique design. We create only adaptive sites. Therefore