The process of updating the website can be a process to be extremely difficult and time consuming, and “childish” simple.

The way may be implemented through an appropriate period of time, the update site, depends primarily on the technology used in creating your web – site. In your decision, therefore, is a choice – depending on the availability of funds allocated for the project – HTML technology, or technology Content Management System , called colloquially CMS.


Technology HTML , a very popular a few years ago, now replaced by the above-mentioned technology, Content Management System, that is CMS. This is because the update site created in HTML, the code is a strict design requires primarily involve the work of information technology. Although nowadays still are sites for which the technology will be used HTML, but mostly this is due to financial reasons. Create website using pure HTML is associated with much lower financial cost than in the case of a site by using Content Management System technology.

CMS – Content Management System

The dominant technology is currently Content Management System – this is an extremely handy tool for managing website content. If you create a website based on the CMS, update site content do is, almost every person who has at least a basic knowledge of the service is widely used office programs. However, not all interested construction companies own site, decided to use Content Management System technology. The reason for these solutions are primarily much higher cost in respect of the previously described method HTML. But it is worth noting that part of the business, in particular, with a much more complex sites, a CMS is forced to choose from a purely technological reasons.

Taking into account the above tips should answer the questions relating to both the creation of your site, as well as the need to refresh rate.