Website Design & Web – Design has recently become extremely popular pastime, the study of which can begin even while the school of computer science lessons.

However, the acquisition of basic, or even covering a more extensive amount of information, does not guarantee that your site will be created site is fully functional. Creating a truly professional, adaptive to the needs of users who use the service, site, requires first and foremost the development of accurate, well-planned project design.

navigation system .

As in real life, and the Internet – space navigation system is a very important element of any functional site. The essence of the navigation system, we can compare like a walk in the woods. She is very nice and allows us to enjoy; as the fresh air and beautiful views, but when it’s time to return home, and we can not find the right path. Even the most beautiful, conducted among the forest silence of moments, of course, will not bind us with a positive, enjoyable time.

Also, and with the site. Even the most beautiful, elegant design is losing, because in the eyes of the user, the site is inconvenient and impractical, if the user is forced to look for the right links related to the desired page.

A competent, professionally trained website design must be characterized, respectively, more accessible, however, with the beauty of the appearance of the navigation system. It should also add that another essential feature of the described system is its character by default. It is worth noting that the project of navigation, made using flash technology, have to be equipped with an additional, which is an alternative source, a navigation system. Why? So, the potential users of your site can in fact turn off the flash – animation. Contrary to popular belief, this behavior is not uncommon. In its application are solved in the first place, the people, tired of the constant, annoying ads, created it in the system flash.

Creating a functional sites time-consuming process. Even the best, most useful program for creating the site, will not be able to replace the present expert hands. By creating a site, you must have not only the needs of the user, but also functionality.

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