Web design – this occupation, requiring not only knowledge question topics, but also the ability and the “sense of taste”.

If your dream – it is work as a designer in charge, of course, the web site design and development, then there is nothing stopping you on the road to take, appropriate to examine the issue, steps.

Web Design – interesting work for people with a rich imagination.
Web – Design – is an activity that requires a certain character qualities of the candidate. Therefore, great importance will be here, respectively, developed imagination, (also spatial), as well as the sense of taste, aesthetics, and a certain dose of empathy that allows you to feel the needs of the customer, for which this work should be developed, as well as the needs of users .

If you think that you have just such and not other traits, the next step is to start your adventure with the design of web sites will supply, appropriate for this type of work tools. First of all, you will need a program to raster graphics. In the training stage, when the need to study, a very good solution would be, for example, completely free GIMP application. It is this kind of application will let you know the basic laws that govern the design of websites, so that they were both aesthetic and fully functional.

The next, you need skill to learn HTML and CSS. They provide a link with the content of the project. Creation of design projects is not possible without the appropriate files HTML and CSS. Remember, the draft – the work must be totally professional, and should be practical to use.

This does not end the list of necessary skills. Well prepared for the designer should also be familiar with support for applications such as, for example, Adobe Flash program. This type of application is used to create Flash – animation, etc…

The designer’s job is not easy. The ever-changing trends in the market of Web sites, as well as the progress associated with the introduction of new technologies and applications that require constant expansion of their knowledge.

If this kind of work is your true, life passion, we will be happy to wait for you here.

In our web-studio, you can order web design for your site, as well as development of company logo, business cards, flyers and other printed products.