Create a site meets the requirements of your company, requires not just work on the part of the web studio, but also of the customer site, ie the client.

Unfortunately, quite often there is a situation in which, turnkey website does not meet customer requirements. Why is this happening? How to avoid such situations? Whose side is the truth? Simply put: what latent traps, we need to pay attention during the process of creating a website?

Traps №1: No specific, well-formulated service offerings.
As has been repeatedly mentioned, only professional rethinking assumptions take place, and are a guarantee of obtaining satisfying results. Unfortunately, there are often situations where the client has not passed a web studio complete concepts, visions and goals he wants to achieve through the creation of the site. To avoid the frustration that can occur when viewing the studio of the results, it should be accurately formulate ideas on create a website . Only such an approach can provide assurances obtain the desired performance.

Trap number 2: Change of plans after the adoption of an order by the studio .
It may happen, that the plans of your company’s day-to-day changes, and with these changes, changing concept of the site. What to do in this situation? Of course, it would be better if we, despite all adhere to previous assumptions, however, if such a decision is not an option, we will have to take additional costs, of course, with the application of amendments to the preliminary draft.

Trap number 3: Changes in the previously adopted changes .

This situation is similar to the situation described in paragraph 2. However, and even after the approval of these changes, you still require further revisions, changes, then you have to rely on the additional costs and the possibility to postpone the final date for completion of the order.

Summarizing the above, we can say that the website creation – the process time-consuming and requires a clearly defined objectives of the customer and of course professionalism web studio experts.

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