Whether you are designing a web site without the help of others, or your website has been developed “turnkey”, you have to be aware of the main concepts and the main episodes of the development of the website. You are likely familiar with such theses as: search engine optimization, layout, unique content, and more, but the optimization of keywords – probably already something new. Let’s talk about the details provided.

Prior to that, rather than proceeding to optimize key, it is necessary that the website was ready, the content is registered and compiled reports, according to an analysis of the work of the website, that is – the statistics. And it does not matter whether there was the creation of a website or pay a small resource.

About keywords and their optimization .

To her resorted not only hosts the information pages on which a lot of textual content. still use improvement the main (key) words. Under the opinion of the optimization keywords are assumed following definitions: SEO web resource, the selection of key words and tirades, correction and improvement of keywords, resource optimization for search engines and other requirements.

Maintain a similar optimization is impossible, as long as the site is still under development. Creating a website is required to be completed. It is necessary for this, in order to perform the test becoming available keywords. Only after analyzing, you can see whether the little old suitable key rants or their time to change. Creating Web sites comes from the definition of the theme of all of the website. Keywords are selected according to the same principle – they must reflect the essence of the Site, to talk about what this Internet site brings visitors.

Quite often the problem is considered to create a website and promote it for “keywords.” For example, the customer wants his internet site was in the top of the keyword “Children’s clothing”, with such a key, the texts provided by the internet resource is not at all or only occurs a couple of times. promotion website for a particular word has the ability to be performed only if this word is in the texts of the resource, and no singular.

On the Internet you can often find the concept of “semantic core”.

Under Siim understand the term set combinations of words that are more literally characterize the area of ​​activity, which is dedicated Internet sayt.I even developing a website, you have probably come across this term “semantic analysis”. It refers to the semantic content of words and combinations of words in the content of the website.

«Morphological analysis» – another fascinating combination of words. So it is – the detection of morphological characteristics of words passing indexing. Here the main parameters considered to be the base and the end of the word. This allows you to translate search keyword in different versions of his writing. This view is fundamentally taken into account when it is creating a website.

Drawing “semantic core” is considered to be the principal part of the building sites in Ukraine </strong >. At this point, select the most rational keys are ordered according to their own significance and are distributed according to the frequency of search queries.

Probably, this is important information if you intend to work and do promotion website .