Before order a website to start or create yourself, think about some of the principles of the success of your site. Answer the questions: what is the purpose and objectives, on whom it is aimed, and what words would you describe your business. The more precise answers will be given, by the creation of online store , or the site will be profitable. Of course, in addition to designing a website, you have to make website promotion , to your site increasing your ranking in search engines and get traffic from visitors.

For this reason, the promotion of the site is so important for a successful business, it is quite logical that if your life is on the hundredth or even ten pages – it will rarely go.

Search Engine Optimization, is generally carried out Optimizers SEO companies.

If you decide to perform this operation on their own, you have to understand, most importantly, the work of the search engine algorithms. Only by knowing the algorithm, you can try to raise your search ranking of your website.

Thus, an algorithm – is a set of systems, some of the operations that are carried out in accordance with strictly defined rules, the result of which is to solve the problem. This algorithm is very complicated and confusing, but at least its a simplified diagram of action need to know everyone who wants to order site and bring it to the first stage rating.

Since the creation of the website, you should keep in mind that search engine works in cycles and each cycle is divided into several stages:

  1. The search engine information. Collection from the website. For this purpose there are special spiders – programs (also, robots, collectors). This program visits all the websites that have been previously added to the directories of search engines, studying them, looking at the page headers, images and much more a matter of why, decided to engage in the promotion of sites, you should take care and pay attention to each component of the resource – Design content, Titley, content, etc., because website promotion includes all the components of the web site.
  2. Prog-ma “Spider” – adds to its search engine and database clusters information data </​​li>.
  3. On the basis of information received from the programs, the search engine to index pages.
    In fact, in this moment, and carried out a search optimizatsiya.Indeksatsiya is an algorithm that allows the search engine to “understand” what’s on the page and what is its purpose. In deciding to order a website , you should not neglect the key phrases, because this is their first and foremost search engines are looking for when indexing. Based on these analyzes, a variety of sites and keywords, and builds the search engine rankings of websites. In addition, purchased new rating compared with the previous rating, so the resulting rating is acquired, which will operate until the next tsikla.Sistema bit complicated and confusing, but website creation , built just for her. For site promotion should also take into account all the features of the search engine algorithms.
  4. The user, eager to find something, running the query in a search engine and get the necessary information, which is issued on the basis of the resulting ranking.

It should be remembered that every search engine has its own algorithms, so if you plan to do Website Promotion , you should select “underline” the specifics of a system, because only in this case, search engine optimization can provide personal positive result.