Long ago, the question of how to make the site seemed an impossible task and limited only to the computer geniuses, scientists and technical people who talked about the code. And everything seems to be OK until the time has changed, because the sites were not necessary to reach the majority of your daily necessities and objectives. But time does not stand still and really changed. Almost all enterprises and companies have their own websites, and just people to create a personal web-based resources, more than ever before. Starting with the your website , it is very important to position itself on the Internet as a strong, professional destination that gives customers the impression that you are serious and motivates them. They want to interact more with your business.

To start, you need to ask yourself a very important question: “ Why do you need a website ?” This question will help you think about your goals for the website, so that you could accurately say “evaluate» appearance website , design , layout , content , or even URL-address , which you want. For greater clarity, “picture” – how do you want people to use the site? What is the importance of visiting your site? How often you want to update the content? Begin to write down their ideas and describe the main quality of your site, that perfectly are necessary for your success. After the general idea and a plan, you can get to work. Here are some simple tips on how to make a website.
URL-address .

Before you create your site, you must provide the URL, or website address, which users will enter in their browser when you go to your site. This domain name is your business card, it will be on your business card, it will be in the email signature will be used together with all the people you know, and you want people to use it and remember. So make sure you choose a good name and register it before you do anything on your site. A domain name can be free, and sometimes you’ll have to pay for the guarantee, it is easy, fast and not very expensive.

Find the right tools for web development .
It’s not a bad time to create your own website. If you develop a blog, small business site, ecommerce site, or anything in between, we have all the tools for you. Software, such as WordPress and OpenCart etc. on them is very easy to create blogs, etc. using existing schemes and formats that you can customize with your own content and design. They are easy to use software and you are very easy for them to work, even if you have never developed sites.

Start to develop your content, .
In developing the design of your site, and in fact, the work of the stages of creation, you have to work on your content. The site can not be “run” with the filling up with other sites, you should know what you want to say, write, and in what language, how the site should look for users.

Share your story .
In order for people to trust your brand and become the visitors on your site, they need to know who is behind this brand, to know about you and your history. You have to “share” how do you, how many years you are in business, and others. The more details you give, the better your users can form a relationship and trust with you. If you’re not embarrassed camera, show yourself. This will give potential clients peace of mind, allowing them to see who they are “dealing”, and it adds an element of trust.

Calls for action .
The more users “evaluate” during a visit to your site, the more they will feel ownership and interest to your website – a resource and will return again. Ask them to “click here” to get more information on a particular subject to provide reachability to subscribe to the newsletter, and give them the opportunity to communicate with you.

Make the website “sweet»
You want people to not just visited your site, but spent a lot of time on it. “Prepare sticky” content (ie. E. To the visitors want to stay longer on the site to get more information). There should be a link to your site on such content: connect them to the interesting photographs, recipes, stories, or the possibility to buy something, etc.

Use metrics to evaluate the success .
It’s fast and easy to connect your site to the Google Analytics or other free analytics tools to help you measure the performance of the site, but it is also very important. You need to look how many people are visiting your site, where they come to the site, how much time they spend reading your content, how many new users, and others. All these figures will pass away to help you, help you keep track of your error, your opinion, where are you “go” and if that, to make the adjustments to achieve your goals.

Link to the social networks .
Last but not the least significant, make sure you have link all your social. network from your own site. Adding a few buttons at the top or bottom of a web page (particularly original) will allow users to quickly and easily to follow you to the Google +, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, so that they communicate with you in all areas of social, digital life, not just on your site.

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