The network has a huge number of designers of sites that have permission to create a pretty nice websites for a couple of hours, and in the presence of specific skills – and faster. And while these services are offered completely free of charge and with more guarantees on the future. Moreover, looking at the catalogs made sites such resources can soon come to the conclusion that the idea of ​​ to create a website for free – a fully viable. Such services do not take, including payment for hosting, and for the creation of a domain name. Formed such feeling yourself money idyll. You expend little time for the creation of the site is quite good at first glance templates, you emit virtually unlimited resources for their hosting, you create sub. domain name, not vzymaya a penny for it. And it begins to wrinkle, though, all these artists online,? Php-programmers and other network brethren – elementary deceivers, who extort money from customers is not clear why, in this case in no way small. And if you also take into account that traditionally the creation of the website requested from 7 to 45 days, and for the most difficult – and more, and now goes to create a site completely and totally free for a certain amount of hours, the mosaic becomes even more unattractive for option towards the creation of a commercial website.

The most fascinating is that there really are real examples of how gratuitously made websites do provide private owners a good return for their commerce. However, there is one big “but” – such examples are not a lot. If you are a famous painter, jeweler, photographer, etc., it is quite possible that if you have a free web site, he can only add to your business customers.

Only the absolutely overwhelming majority of commercial companies are obliged to live in a world of fierce competition, where one has to “fight” for every customer, for every unit of implementation. Because hope, as if suddenly free website will give a suitable efficiency in communication with the buyers – it is not necessary.

What are the shortcomings of free sites ?

  1. The most basic flaw site made for free – they do not just announce a business of their owners, as demonstrated by advertising, which imperceptibly for the owners of a home edakogo hosting. In other-words, creating an online resource for free, you are building an elementary marketing platform for owners of web hosting.
  2. Sometimes, a fundamental flaw sites made “for free” – just a small fraction of natural, natural search engine traffic. As a result – their holders shall be communicated to spend quite a lot of money for the purchase of paid marketing demonstrations obyavleniy.Suschnost problems – these web – sites are made on the basis of standard dies and for the search engines, they look pretty monotonous. Because search engines rank them quite low. The audience, who seek out the right information through search engines Google or Yandex are in 90% of cases on the web – sites which are created according to the unique design and have unique content in their own filling.
  3. Creek Free sites – these include mountain obvious and hidden hyperlinks to web – resources in the promotion of public interest the owners of the service. Quite often to offers such services traded owners of large businesses that have every chance to stay true to your business rivals.
    Fully all of the templates in the free web – resources primitive crammed with hyperlinks to external resources, of which including the owner of the website including thinks. As a result, all the authority to that of “gratuitous” site goes unnoticed by its owner to another website. Now imagine if this authority (the weight of a site) are not transferred from the 1st web site, and with a few thousand. Extraneous web – site from search engines becomes a huge priority issue. As a result, owners of these sites is elementary lose their own customers, while they can easily focus on large websites.
  4. The problem – scanty availability of such services. The hosts such services give you only what they really have. And they will not tolerate a no extra functionality that you want to add to your Web – saytik. In particular, if you now it has turned out very small probability that it is not blocked under some pretext or the owners of the free host.
    The problem is that the owners of hosting for free sites well in no way indifferent to the large number of visitors to such free web sites. Since in order to endure a significant surge of visitors, especially during peak hours, they need to buy extra. server, ext. disk space and bandwidth. To some extent their own costs are reimbursed demonstration of advertising on the pages of your website. However, if the number of clicks on the ads marketing becomes very small, and the number of visitors at the site would be great – the powers of free host is undoubtedly in the next moment will cover such to create a website for free – a free website. Reason: some display adverts have no chance to make up for the provision of such a website. This happens on those websites where the content owner really fun site content marketing ads.

Our tips .
Before than to tempt himself with the thought to create a website for free , try to remember where there is a free lunch. Including your own time which you spend on creating your own, like free website, as well as something worthy. You could give it directly to their own business and earn albeit small, however, the additional earnings.