Today, almost all of the company and a lot of users have their own web site. For Website Turnkey in Ukraine , as in any other country – is no longer a problem in the 21st century. The number of website visits – this is the most common, widespread information, which is expressed by the property owner of the resource.

Is this enough information to assess how effective the website?

How you define the pages that really popular among visitors as well as to identify those that can be safely removed, because the presence of them is close to zero? Participation, attendance, and website promotion – what is the connection?

If you need this information, it remains only to find a way to get it !

There is quite a convenient service from the Google , which enables website owners to know about everything, even how many clicks were on any page and a link. Our company, creation of sites in Ukraine , offers a wide range of services to its customers reports Google Analytics , including search optimization .

All these reports we get from the custom report Google Analytics These reports can be obtained with such regularity:. A month, week, day, or for any period of time. There is a possibility of detuning service so as to receive only the information you need, eliminating all superfluous.

If you order a turnkey website , I do not think it would be superfluous to introduce you to Google Analytics and the fact that this service is recommended.

Google Analytics reports are the following sections: content, objectives, sources of traffic and visitors .

Customers – a language of a country, how much time was on the site, the number, etc. .

This section allows you to determine how many people were on your site and how extensively did they interact with it. There are specified the characteristics of the user country, city, new and returning visitors, quality indicators: length of stay on the website the average number of calls, the bounce rate – all this is very helpful, including to promote your site . You can compare, if you want the statistics of your Internet resource sites with similar industry. In addition, you can find out which operating system and which browser to use your customers, visitors.

The report even identifies the default language set by the user. The geographical location is often not enough. Residents in many countries, speak several languages, and it has to remain in the attention. Knowing your audience, you will be much easier to advertise, articles, banners, etc. on your web – resource.

Traffic Sources: where, who, how and why come to your site ?

In this section you can find all the information about the traffic. visit users come to your site via a bookmark or by simply typing in the browser address bar (URL) – called direct traffic. Transitions to other Internet resources are reflected in the “Referring Sites directions” (transitions).

You can also learn a lot about the characteristics and statistics for the keywords under which visitors come to your site. Search Engine Optimization is organized on the basis of keywords, so it’s really important to you. You can also check for each word perfectly all of the cities crossings, types of visitors, as well as a variety of other criteria.

Content or that attracts visitors is actually ?

You were convinced that visitors are interested in the information on its website, but in fact, they go to other “brand” of the page.

As the most densely browsing? In what direction to carry out the promotion? From reports Google Analytics , you can see that just the interest of your customers, visitors and attendees, actually.

If you have a high level of “bounce” on certain pages of your site, which means that they must be adapted or improved to advertising on what users are “switched”. Indicator “Time on Page” will show how page is of interest to users. development site in Ukraine we do for long period of time, and I can say with certainty that the duration of a page view is important. you need to understand what motivates or discourages customers to share.

What is the meaning targets ?

How well are your goals and objectives correspond to your site, show transitions to the objectives. The goal is a website that opens a page on the resource after a purchase or completed another desired action, for example, upload a file or registration.

For example, you put banners and advertising blocks on different pages of the site. Service Google Analytics will show the number of clicks on each link, block or banner. This feature allows you to track which banners are effective, and that, on the contrary, should be removed from the site. It is also a kind of point which affect the SEO and its successful implementation.

Our company can provide, any reports on your site. The possibility of this service have been listed earlier in this article, and I want to note that in connection with the Google Analytics reports, you’ll be 100% sure in which direction to develop your site in the future to use at the maximum demand.