When the site creation process is complete, the time has come for the implementation of search engine promotion. This set of measures aimed at increasing, raising the rating sites in a particular search query, or otherwise. It does not matter what kind of web design has a website, a pressing question – what it is filled.

Optimization can be of various types. In fact, there are many ways to promotion of sites, but they are divided into “white” and “black”.

website developers in Ukraine, often use white optimization.

This includes strategy and tactics that are consistent with the algorithms of search engines, which, by default, provide network users with the appropriate, relevant content, content, black same optimization is a tactic that ignores the rules of ethical behavior in the network and is aimed only at achieving the purpose. Black more complex optimization strategy, while white is directed to a focus of the writing quality content. However, the problem lies in the fact that neither the creation of a business card website, or any other site can not be clearly defined individual optimization techniques to good or bad. The criterion for the legitimacy of the user – whether the result of the query to meet their own interests. Experienced SEOs decisive fact still believe – the user’s intent.
Our GKS Web studio of the opinion and methods of “white” promotion of sites. We consider it more reliable and long – promising.

To date, “production area” for the website creation is still used and that, and other optimizations. As stated – victory any price.

The reason for this lies in the fact that the creation of sites in Ukraine, as in other countries, has increased so much that, to get into the “ranking lists” of resources is difficult.

Thus, all methods that can lead to an increase of traffic – are used. Designers create an attractive design, programmers develop a suitable structure, copywriters compose unique texts as optimizers, using it all and unwind sites.

Based on the experience of the “black” optimization gives a higher position of the site, while “white” provides a more stable growth in attendance and, as a consequence, give a “survivability” rating.

Web studio designing websites is selected optimization method, focusing not on personal preferences promotion techniques, and on the types of business models of Web resource. There are sites or pages that advertise products or services with a short lifetime, these resources are an ideal “black” optimization, because it will give quick results. If you plan on creating a corporate site, online shop or another web site for a long period of use, – to risk using such optimization is not necessary, because this is quite negative about the search engine, and if you will not be able to cheat, your life site, it is likely to be excluded from searches.

When creating websites should be remembered that items that were previously ignored Google or by Yandex , can be found later.

If a design error or content (content) in the “white” optimization can be corrected, the moments of “black” promotion can put your site at risk the existence or threat.

Therefore, if you are developing sites, with plans for further existence of your site, it is best to choose the kind of gradual development and promotion of the site with reference to the “white” optimization.

If you plan to website creation and its optimization, as more fully meet the methods of its implementation, which has a large number of and decide which one is the “white” or “black” site promotion is right for you.