If you have your own business, then sooner or later you will realize that without the creation of a site or the creation of the Internet – shop you can not do .

The production site on site can take place at two scenarios.

The first – a template for the development of similar sites. Create Site this type occurs within a short period of time, and their cost is much lower, than in the case of creating a unique online resource. I do not think that these sites are bad. Their quality and web design not how much suffering, is just saving through the use of ready-made solutions programming, in search, do not need to spend extra time and human resources.

The second scenario – web development from the ground or the production of unique sites. Here we use an individual approach to each client, using a unique principle of information presentation, interface design, and the entire management system. In such a project it will require much more time, effort and, of course, finances. With this you can be sure that the website creation or the creation of an online store will be totally unique and a second, you’re unlikely to find it.

The whole process of creating the site can be divided into 8 parts:

  1. Note purposes. On this client stage and Web – studio must specify and define all of the project to decide what purposes it will serve, what kind of project tasks, etc. The correct setting goals and objectives will depend on the type of site development and subsequent filling.. For example, if you need to create a site to implement any services or products, it is likely that a large part will be dedicated to the filling of unique content and optimization. If this site card , the main emphasis will be placed on web design, just like that, as if you decided to have a website “for themselves” and filling in your own information. If your site – the face of your company, and you do not need it less representative than the company itself, it may be worthwhile to turn to the service to create a unique website.
  2. Prepare documentation. How creation of Online shop , as well as other sites, accompanied by drafting TOR (terms of reference ), which defines all of the features of future work. Also, the signing of the agreement, which determines the order of work and its payment.
  3. Analysis of audit. Further, in the website creation need a detailed audit and analysis of the competitive environment. At this stage, the problem can be overridden by defining a set of nodal system requirements.
  4. Design. Then, development site goes into the hands of designers. No conflicts with the wishes of the client, they are working on a model of the future site, form of the page, pick the colors, fonts, and so on. After approval of the project and approval by the client – passed programmers.
  5. Encoding. Web development in Ukraine at this stage transmit writing code. Coding breathes life into the online resource, which manifests itself in the form of a picture, and there is. At the same time, getting better web design and layout of the site is carried out.
  6. Content content. This function may be performed before the placement site on the Internet, as well as afterwards. If creation of Online shop , the information content of the site may be gradual, update products, – are thrown as new products, and removed the old ones. In other cases, it is recommended to fill the site, then post. Content – a text, video, music, pictures and animations. The above text is unique, the less hassle with further optimization and promotion.
  7. Placement site, will need web hosting and domain name availability.
  8. The final stage – the launch of an Internet resource.

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