Assuming an affirmative decision to create a website, you must pay the utmost vigilance, not only the code of programming and content of the text, but it is very important creation of design , because it is the – first, they see people visiting your internet – resource.

Website development has the ability to be performed based on a template that uses standard graphics and layouts, which you can customize the color, or to create a website at inimitable (exclusive) project.

Version 2 includes not only the mark of the unique code, but also the development of a unique design, you will not find on other websites. If you decide to book promotion , all these factors will be the main.

Website Design , the Internet – shops not obliged to regard creation of design of the website in accordance with the same dimensions as the printed graphics, that way as the internet – design has a number of special distinctions that We must take into account.

  1. Sam century design website not long In practice it turned out that the presence of an effective website is not. constantly. During the rule is limited to a couple of years, after which the web site looks boring and technically old. It is 2-3 years and the need to conduct a re-design of the website.
  2. The screen resolution (the monitor) . That way the guests will take your website depends on the resolution of the user’s monitor. Decided to set up a website, you need to focus first on the order of advanced technology and the consumer. Website development for the resolution 600×800 pixels is not important, as these displays is almost gone. More popular now considered permission 1024h1280 pixels. Go to permit configuration changes and the perception of the object. Including if you order a promotion, to increase search ranking, but when this did not fasten attention to creation of design can not, visitors will retire with your internet sayta.Sozdat website that will look the same on different monitors with different levels of authorization – is technically almost impossible. Almost completely eliminate refractive index of images on the Web site, with different resolution is not possible, however, it can be minimized, because it is important that the website development was conducted specialist and an experienced designer that will make the most-the most beautiful design online sayta.Zhelaete create a website , then it is worth noting that different screens have all the chances to be different from each other, with the reflection of the same color. Internet – designer needs to reduce losses and reduce them to an acceptable level. It has done a route different hardware calibration and controller firmware options. Website development the development of constantly distort colors. In order to achieve a real, perfect colors ratio figures and illustrations, is practically on the Internet – design, technically unlikely.
  3. Download – speed . Nowadays, information technology is still not all have the likelihood to connect to high speed internet. This feature should take into account the development of the resource, and if you want to book promotion. different speeds Download leads to the need to optimize the graphics – subtract the number of kilobytes downloaded components to diminish the size of images by reducing the number of pixels, as well as the number of colors.
  4. Number of Drawings . Fulfilling the development of websites, web – shops should not be forgotten that a great number of images, of course, detracts from the main guest of the product or products the internet – site.
  5. Unobtrusive . Website Design have to be unobtrusive, taking into account the tastes of different users, and color perception. Someone will apprehend the true catchy, provocative design, and someone he contrary, push away, and you will lose visitors, and, accordingly, the likely profit.