GKS Web Studio at a reasonable cost, offers:

Identity – a fundamental element of the identification of the company in the minds of buyers. If you want your business to be successful, you constantly pay attention to how it looks in the eyes of your customers. Well, either entrust this work to us.

We are creating as separate components of corporate identity, and collective style completely. We will prepare for you corporate style templates that will only have to download and start using the destination.

Create a corporate identity is connected with the corporate culture of the company. In his research, as a rule, did not go one day. Traditionally, customers are pushing huge questions to the performers and wish to have a unique and a perfect corporate identity for his own company. Although corporate identity and has sophisticated design elements formed it long enough.

Collective style is a set of graphical elements, with the support of some forms of visual communications. All the elements of corporate identity connected to one idea and you are ready to note the number of firms from neighboring activities.

Corporate identity – one of the main means of struggle for customers and clients. Its implementation allows the lead to the unity and integrity of the image of the company – the color palette, a joint approach to the formation of the business and those. documentation.

The functions of corporate identity:

  • Imaginary. Create an image of the company and its support at the appropriate level for the recognition of the brand customers;
  • differentiating. The ability to distinguish goods or services firms from the general number of competitors;
  • Identifying. Create a corporate identity helps to recognize products and advertising firms.

Quality corporate identity not traditionally includes many colors. In our templates all rules of creation of elements of which you and your brand will be recognizable . Corporate identity – is the foundation of the entire policy of the company and one of the main means of attracting customers.

When calculating the cost of works provided by GKS Web Studio we take into account all the wishes of the client and offer a a reasonable cost for the shortest possible time .