One of the most successful solutions for e-commerce site today is the Magento . Magento impresses with its flexibility, scalability, very high, and a wide range of features that make it easy to conduct their own online stores.
If you choose Order website from us, you will get “turnkey” Internet Shop , which is capable of generate revenue from day one. We also offer promote an online store on Magento , its optimization, content products and servicing.

Benefits online store to Magento over other systems:

  1. B2B online shop;
  2. Quick Order;
  3. Export and import of goods;
  4. High-security system;
  5. A wide range of products;
  6. SEO optimized system;
  7. Creation of configurable products;
  8. A wide range of delivery and payment;
  9. Newsletters and updates;
  10. Ability to create several online stores on a single platform;
  11. Integration with social networks;
  12. Ranking of the goods;
  13. Filtering products;
  14. The list goes on, depending on the needs of the online store in each case.

The cost of creating an online store on the Magento is quite high, but this price is justified. Pay more and you get more than with other content management system (CMS). You get a really highly professional online store with rich functionality that has a future. Many large shops in the world use it is Magento for their online stores.

Well-known online retailers that work for Magento:

  • Angry Birds (
  • Ford (
  • Zend (
  • Olympus (
  • Nike Australia (
  • 20th Century Fox (
  • and many others.

As you can see many well-known large companies have chosen a system of Magento, apparently having on it a number of reasons.
Ordering online store to Magento at GKS Web Studio , you get a ready website to sell your products or services. Moreover, we create only adaptive websites, your website will be conveniently viewed on phones and tablets.

You can book promotion online store on Magento , and we guarantee that after a certain period, you will begin to make a profit from your online store.

In addition to creating an online store at Magenta, we provide the following services:

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