• Створення сайту від 7000 грн
  • Корпоративний сайт от 10 000 грн
  • Інтернет-магазин от 12 000 грн
  • Пошукове просування сайту від 8000 грн
  • Створення унікального дизайну
  • Підтримка та обслуговування сайтів

Website support and maintenance

Website support
Support our sites is free of charge within 1 month after the end of work prescribed in the Brief of site.
Technical support – is:

  • answers to your questions (“Why can not I download pictures? etc”);
  • assistance in solving problems and all sorts of tips (“whether you can make greenbacks frame ? etc”) within the existing functionality of the site;
  • keeping and presentation of source files (including graphic design layout source code), browser site.

The cost of technical support in the next period is determined at the time of receipt of the request, based on the complexity of the project and the state of the site.

Website Maintenance
Website Maintenance carried out at the request of the client.
Here are the basic types:

  1. Accommodation online images, texts, videos, files to download, other information transmitted in electronic form.
  2. Placement of news, articles, filling the catalog. The maximum monthly (or weekly, daily) volume of post material fixed in the Agreement.
  3. Editing placed materials – text, images, video. The volume and types of editing are fixed in the Agreement.
    Minor improvements of software modules, site structure and page templates.

Site Updates made within 1-3 working days after receipt of the application. Urgent and small changes are made within a few hours after receipt of the application.

As part of the service we also propose:

  • constant monitoring of performance of the site;
  • minor software enhancements of the site;
  • control of the end of a domain, hosting, and their extension;
  • сheck the mailbox with your domain name;
  • help with the change of hosting provider or rate plan;
  • save passwords.
  • backing up a site in the event of unforeseen problems and prompt restoration of the site;
  • other works by agreement with the customer.

Professional support by specialists of “GKS” Web-studio will provide its high attendance of your site and boost your business as a whole!

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