• Створення сайту від 7000 грн
  • Корпоративний сайт от 10 000 грн
  • Інтернет-магазин от 12 000 грн
  • Пошукове просування сайту від 8000 грн
  • Створення унікального дизайну
  • Підтримка та обслуговування сайтів

Creation of Design

Site Design
GKS Web Studio creates a beautiful and functional design websites for different purposes and different complexity. We create responsive and cross-browser sites. If the task of your site – to “sell” you get selling site. And if visitors have to “entertain” – believe me, they will not be bored on your site. Informing the marketing, communicative – these sites will optimally perform their tasks. And they will be remembered by visitors.

Creating a logo
Logo – a graphic image of your company. It’s name of company that made by the original font, plus a small sleek design. Just something! … But it is sometimes quite not small effort.

Printing products – this is your image in the offline, and then it is sometimes not less than the traffic on the corporate website. “GKS” Web Studio is ready to fulfill most crucial part – the creation of the layout. We create business cards, brochures, calendars, etc.

“GKS” Web Studio creates banners for websites. We had an interesting banner design according to your wishes and we will help you to place it on the site.

We love animation. Animation addictive, mesmerizing creators. Sometimes more than viewers. But all necessary measure, especially for sites. If a small animation will be really good for your website, we are happy to do it for you.

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