E-shop becomes a natural part of the retail and wholesale business. Year after year, people are more willing to buy online, where a wide range of products and offers custom, online store with home delivery.

How Web-studio, we get a lot of orders for e-commerce projects – that is, Internet shops . We are always happy to accept such assignment and to fulfill them, we have been successfully using the platform Magento. As one of the most common solutions, Magento offers a range of convenient features, open source, and a large number of modules that enrich the functionality of the online shop.

For us, the most important, however, is the ability to adjust the possibilities Magento according to individual customer needs. The electronic trading market, each business sector has its own special standby (advanced search for the tire dealers, an integrated system of parameters for distributors of technical articles, configurators personalized products, etc.). Sellers worrying about the image and the recognition of its brand, have their own individual ideas for strategies to promote products, creating a community of loyal customers and other targets e-commerce site.

Automation Control store

For customers using the inventory management system, the software is very important to ensure the integration of the Internet – shop software, which is already being implemented in their companies.
What is the advantage of integration for the customer?

  • Data synchronization products – ranging from such basic information in the price or availability, to the more complex, such as product descriptions and images.
  • Instant notification of new order can be created directly in the client, the amount of product in the warehouse can be automatically reduced to the ordered goods.
  • The total database of online and offline clients built that facilitates the analysis of sales promotion and building of a marketing strategy.

We spent the integration of this kind for one of our clients. We take care of that:

  • get a general identifier of the customer in the store in order to facilitate identification;
  • transmission of information about a new order in the mail, and the administrator;
  • instant update of the most important product data.

Through this approach we have reduced the time needed to manage the online store. We have to avoid situations where the goods, which are no longer available, the store still appears to be available. In addition, by synchronizing the orders, delivery of the ordered goods may be handled faster.

Promotional Tools

The key to success in the online store – this is actually a strategy to promote products and skillful construction of community clients. To get the most you should not forget about the ease of use of the online store.

Magento offers an extensive shareholding system – among other common coupon codes that allow after entering in the basket to calculate the discount for the order.
We even introduced a mechanism that goes one step further – in advertisements shop you can include a link that automatically adds a special product to cart. This solution has a huge marketing advantage.

Changes in the content management system (cms)
For customers who have decided to change the content management system to Magento and for whom we are developing an online store, it is important that all data has been saved. This greatly facilitates the sale in a store and allows data from the previous database.

For our clients, we are importing:

  • These goods (prices, images, attributes, description, action, etc.)
  • Orders (date, status, the goods ordered, discount, etc.)
  • Databases clients (contact details, order history, discount, etc.)

Import possibilities are virtually limitless.

We decided to present the most common types of modifications and services that we perform in our online stores developed on the platform Magento .
We are always happy to develop the project online store on the Magento . In addition, due to the scalability and flexibility of the platform Magento offers powerful opportunities for the creation of unique features to meet the wishes of the client.
Our skills were rated well-known brands.
We have also been recognized by industry experts Magento.

If you have an idea for a unique online store, or you would like to change the platform of your store on Magento – you can contact us .
We can ordered online store , which will bring you profit.