Today Magento – one of the most popular systems for the Create an online store . But Magento, for that matter, with other engines, there may be situations in which a programmer need help.

In this article we describe the solution 10 popular issues that you may experience when you set up an online store on Magento.

1. How to configure Magento for working with the new domain (after the transfer of the site, for example)

There are two things you must do to configure Magento for working with the new domain:

1) Edit the database Magento
Login to your hosting in cPanel-> PhpMyAdmin. Select the database Magento, find a table, which is called core_config_data and click on it. Click the Summary tab and edit the first two fields:

 web / unsecure / base_urlweb / secure / base_url 

Replace the old to the new domain, and then click «Go» , to save the changes.

2) Clear the cache Magento.
Magento cache folder located in the installation directory Magento> / var / cache . To clear your cache, just delete the contents of this folder.
Very often problems for Magento solution due to the fact that the cache was cleared. Therefore, in the event of a problem situation suggested to start clearing your cache Magento.

2. How to reset the administrator password on Magento

To change the administrator password Magento, go to the cPanel> PhpMyAdmin , select the database Magento, click the SQL tab and paste this query:

 UPDATE admin_user SET password = CONCAT (MD5 ('sGnewpass'), ': sG') WHERE username = 'AdminUsername'; 

Note: The new password, insert the desired line MD5 (‘sGnewpass’) , and insert the new name of the administrator in place: * AdminUsername *.

Execute the query by clicking on the “Go” , and your password will be changed.

3. How to connect the NC addresses for Magento

To connect the NC addresses in Magento, you must be logged into the administrative part of the Magento: System-> Configuration-> Internet .

Go to the tab “Search Engine Optimization (SEO)» and enable use Web Server Rewrites . Then click on the “Save Configuration” above. Now links in your online store will have a view of the NC.

4. How to speed up Magento

Many issues are caused by low productivity Magento online store and a low speed of loading pages. The recommended way to speed up the performance of Magento is the possibility of its compilation function. Increase productivity with the compilation: from 25% to 50% for the page is loaded.

You can include a compilation for your store on Magento’s admin site: System> Tools> Compilation .

5. How to redirect Magento, the site was available only at a WWW

For SEO and usability purposes you can redirect visitors to your site only through the WWW (

To do this, Magento, you must open the file .htaccess in the folder where you installed Magento. It get RewriteEngine , and right after it, add the following lines:

 RewriteCond% {} ^ HTTP_HOST $ [NC]
RewriteRule ^ (. *) $ Http://$1 [R = 301, L] 

Note: Be sure to replace to your domain.

Once you do this, save the file .htaccess and enter the admin panel site in Magenta: System> Configuration-> Internet .

On the “Unsafe Connection” change base URL c on

Save your changes and your shop to Magento will only be available at the following address: !

6. How to disable the function for comparing products Magenta

You can disable the product comparisons for Magento, the following steps:
1) Edit the file, which is located at:

 app / code / core / Mage / Catalog / Helper / Product / Compare.php 

replace the line

 public function getAddUrl ($ product) {return $ this -> _ getUrl ('catalog / product_compare / add', $ this -> _ getUrlParams ( $ product));} 


 public function getAddUrl ($ product) {// return $ this -> _ getUrl ('catalog / product_compare / add', $ this-> _getUrlParams ($ product)); return false;} 

2) Edit the file, which is located at:


If you are not using the theme “default» (default) for Magenta, you need to edit a file that is located in your theme.

And comment out the line:

 block ENGINE= "catalog / product_compare_sidebar" before = "cart_sidebar" name = "" template = "catalog / product / compare / sidebar.phtml "

Then clean the cache of your online store on Magento’s admin panel:
System> Cache Management. Select all the blocks, and update.

7. How to create a blog in Magento

Create a blog on Magenta – it’s easy. However, note that this feature is not enabled by default, and you have to use a custom plug-in to add it.

Necessary extensions can be found on Magento Connect , which will fully meet your needs. One of the popular free extensions, you can use, – Magento Blog – Community Edition .

After installing the extension, you will have an extra section in the top menu of your admin to Magenta called «Blog» . From there you can configure the newly installed options for the blog, add news, etc.

8. How to add the form “Contact us” in Magento

Magento includes a function of the contact form for feedback by default. A link to the contact form can usually be found in the basement of your store on Magento.

Of course, you can add a contact form to any page. All you have to do is:

1) Log into the admin site to Magenta.
2) Go to the CMS> Pages .
3) Select the page you want to edit or create a new page.

Paste the following code using HTML version of the editor WYSIWYG:

 {{block ENGINE= 'core / template' name = 'contactForm' template = 'contacts / form.phtml'}} 

Save the changes, and a contact form will appear on the correct page.

9. “Access Denied”

If you get the message “Access Denied,” the first thing to do – is to get out and go back to the admin panel Magenta.
If this fails, you have to reset the administrator rights. This can be done through the admin panel Magenta: System> Permissions> Roles> Administrators .
Click on the «Resources roles» in the left menu and ensure that access to a resource selected “All”.
Click on the «Save the role» .

10. How to add a new user group for the online store at Magenta.

You can add a new group of admin Magento: Customers> Customer Groups> Add a group of clients .

When a client is already registered on the site you can change a user group for it via the admin Magenta: Clients> Client Management . Click on “Edit” next to the client. In the tab “Account Information”, select the group for the customer. Click “Save Client.”

We hope that the above 10 tips on how to solve common problems with online shopping Magenta help you. </span >

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