We can Order website , which will be the face of your company on the Internet. After all, the site presents your products or services on the Internet, so it is very important to its appearance and features that provides a site for your customers. The site can be worn as an informative nature (business card site, corporate site), so be commercial (for example, an online store), which will bring you profit.

In order to create a website requires a team of specialists that can provide a high quality site, its functionality and the beautiful design. Above each of our project work programmers, designers and managers. Only the coordinated work of specialists in different directions allows you to create exactly the site, which you will be proud.
GKS Web Studio offers website development in Ternopil and other Ukrainian cities. We are working to achieve the best results that will satisfy our customers. Creating a site takes place in several stages:

  1. discussion of the project;
  2. drawing up technical specifications for the development site;
  3. Design for the future site;
  4. development of the site programmers;
  5. Testing of the finished product, changes from the customer.

You can order online business card , corporate website , online store , portal, forum, message board, landing page, promotional site. You can be sure that your site will be developed in a professional manner, with all the modern technology.

In addition to creating a site, you can also order promotion in Niloaev . We are working on proven algorithms by which your website achieves high rankings in search results of Google, Yandex and others. Website Promotion – it is advertising that requires constant investment. The minimum term of the promotion for the site – 3 months. After this period, you will see how your site is getting up in the search engines, will increase the ranking of your site, increase site visits and views, respectively, will increase sales for you. The cost of website promotion in Ternopil is calculated based on the key queries that you want to promote your website and competition in each industry.

Price of creation or promotion of a site in Ternopil has no geographical origin. Prices of our services are the same for all regions of Ukraine.

Ternopil available for all kinds of services that we provide:

All of our services and their prices can be viewed here .

Order site you can, using the feedback form or call us.

Our goal – a satisfied customer and professionally executed work. We are always working on the result and long-term cooperation!

Our contacts:

telefon-mts+38 (066) 462 90 42
telefon-life+38 (093) 109 77 58

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