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Website promotion

Website promotion Conclusion website in the top search engines. The development of online business. Increasing the number of sales. No matter how good and wonderful it may seem to you a site, his task in another – the website should look through search engines should go to the website, the site must attend! If you

What are the pitfalls when building a website?

Create a site meets the requirements of your company, requires not just work on the part of the web studio, but also of the customer site, ie the client. Unfortunately, quite often there is a situation in which, turnkey website does not meet customer requirements. Why is this happening? How to avoid such situations? Whose

Web design. Designer job

Web design – this occupation, requiring not only knowledge question topics, but also the ability and the “sense of taste”. If your dream – it is work as a designer in charge, of course, the web site design and development, then there is nothing stopping you on the road to take, appropriate to examine the

Update site?

The process of updating the website can be a process to be extremely difficult and time consuming, and “childish” simple. The way may be implemented through an appropriate period of time, the update site, depends primarily on the technology used in creating your web – site. In your decision, therefore, is a choice – depending

Creating a functional sites

Website Design & Web – Design has recently become extremely popular pastime, the study of which can begin even while the school of computer science lessons. However, the acquisition of basic, or even covering a more extensive amount of information, does not guarantee that your site will be created site is fully functional. Creating a