WordPress or Wix – not an easy decision, especially if you are just going to create a website.
You spend a lot of time and energy to create a Web site, and then find out that you have chosen the wrong web site builder.
WordPress and Wix – good designers of Web sites, but the differences between Wix and WordPress are quite significant.
Each of them has its pros and cons, the pros and cons are important in understanding which of them is better for you.
In this article, we will compare WordPress and Wix in the following 5 categories, plus a final conclusion at the end.

1. WordPress or Wix – Flexibility
WordPress is a platform open source . This means that it codes visible for programmers to use and modify. Programmers / coders can use WordPress to create your own themes and plugins, which can then be posted for free or for a fee. This is one of the main reasons why WordPress community has expanded to more than 60 million websites in 2012 and its growth continues to this day.

At the time of writing this article, calculated over 37,000 + WordPress plug-ins that have already been downloaded over 900 million times . This shows how vast is the community of WordPress.

But before you decide that WordPress is better, the fact that WordPress is so great, there is also a potential problem. Can you imagine a man with some knowledge of programming can write a theme or plugin for WordPress, which are dangerous for the site. The quality of these tools can be fantastic or undesirable. Based on our experience, there are likely a lot more garbage than fantastic plugins.
It can be assumed that WordPress – community is so large that because of this, it is almost impossible to have a good quality control. So from that point of view, while WordPress gives you tons of flexible tools , a lot of them are mediocre or no benefit. This does not mean that there is no good plugin WordPress – in fact a lot of them, but you’ll have to sift through a lot of them to see which ones are good .

Wix platform is not open source , so that their codes are not available for people to change. This means that only their private team can produce tools of Web sites and to carry out editorial code of your site. Wix also expanding its application Market, so that they can add a lot more features website Wix.

If you have any technical problems , using the tools of Wix, they will fix it, whereas with WordPress, many developers of plug-ins may or may not help you (if you do not pay to buy their plug-ins).


The main task with WordPress is that a lot of tools / plugins can be built are not very good developers. Using a poorly constructed plugins can slow down the performance of your web site, lead to conflicts, or in the worst case, crash your site.
When this happens, you will be hard to find help – and another developer (which you do not know – another developer plug-in) will be difficult to help you (especially if the plug was free).

2. WordPress or Wix – Easy to use

When it comes to WIX or WordPress in terms of ease of use, the learning curve for WordPress, of course, is much steeper. As mentioned above, many people choose WordPress for its flexibility.
If you know how to change the code, you can potentially make a lot of adjustments with WordPress, you can not do with Wix. But you’re an experienced developer? If not, you can still customize the WordPress, but you’ll need to hire a qualified WordPress developer.

As you can see, there are restrictions on the setting to use Wix, Wix because it is designed and constructed so that it is easy to «is not developer» for ease of use.
What concerns WordPress , the downside is that all the content that you insert into the editor, you will not see what it looks like “live” to view or publish on this page.

With Wix you simply drag and drop any content on the screen , and you do not need to know the code or any special external tools that allow you to do so.
By WordPress, you will have to change the code .

Wix makes it easy for all levels of users to create websites quickly, as it allows you to drag the contents of , where you want. With WordPress, you should be prepared to spend a lot of time to learn how to use it.

WordPress does have a more powerful platform , but its use often occurs with the complexity, for the layman. Of course, you can always hire a developer to help you, and it takes time.

3. Support – WordPress or Wix

WordPress has a huge community of users and the vast number of books to help you.

Wix has targeted support to help their users fix problems. They also created a lot of help articles and videos, forums to support you to build your website.
Support WIX will save your precious time, since all that is used in their web site builder built by Wix.


You can find useful WordPress tutorials, but you will need patience, the search will take some time, as the aid is scattered everywhere.
Need a WordPress developer to help you work, and you need to consider the time it takes to hire the right developer (search, interviewing, evaluation), and the cost of hiring. This is not a simple process.
With Wix, unless you can find help in their library books, you can post your question in their support forum.

WordPress – a powerful tool, but it is sometimes difficult to find a date and a good help. But, on the other hand, WordPress does allow you to create amazing websites with the necessary resources.
With Wix you can always get a good help in addressing their dedicated support to get your site and move on to other important things.

4. WordPress or Wix – Routine maintenance

In terms of service, WordPress always updates its platform to improve the security and bug fixes. When this happens (once a year), you will also need to update your Web site WordPress.

The problem occurs when you use a custom theme and/or using several different plug-ins. Some major/authoritative theme and plugins developers update their products for you, but not all of them will do so.

If the theme and plug-ins that you are using is not updated developer of WordPress, you run the risk – these tools are controversial and potentially harm the performance of your site.

With Wix all the updates made by their technical team and automatically deployed to your site – you will not have to lift a finger (and you probably will not even know that the update took place). This is a real benefit, especially if you are not technically savvy.


WordPress is more powerful compared to Wix. But WordPress requires a little time for maintenance. If you do not update your theme or plugin, you run the risk of adversely affect the performance of your website, or even failure (rare, but it happens).
At Wix, they run all the updates – so you do not have to do anything. This is a real benefit, especially if you are working in a very small team (or even yourself).

5. WordPress or Wix – Price/Current liabilities

The amount of money to invest in your website is an important factor, and it can vary widely, depending on if you use Wix or WordPress.

Wix offers 4 plan paid and 1 free plan:
2. Connect Domain – $ 4.08 per month for the annual plan (or $ 6.90 on a monthly plan)
3. Combo – $ 8,25 per month for the annual plan (or $ 12.95 per month plan)
4. Unlimited – $ 12.42 per month for the annual plan (or $ 15.95 per month plan)
5. E-commerce – $ 16.17 per month for the annual plan (or $ 19.90 per month plan)

Thus, the annual cost of Wix ranges from free to $ 48.96 per year for a low tariff, or $ 194.04 per year to the tariff plan “E-commerce”.

With WordPress you will need to get your own hosting service, which will cost about $ 4 per month ($ 48 per year). In addition, you will likely need to purchase the theme. In WordPress often not attractive free themes. Ready WordPress theme is worth about $ 18 – $ 80 per subject, depending on how reputable developer topics (the general rule, the higher the price, so it is more reliable).
If you want to add more functionality to your WordPress site (for example, fancy slideshow, widgets, etc.), you can install some free or paid plug-ins, which can cost about $ 10 – $ 50 for a plug-in, again Depending on the reputation of the developer
You will also need to buy your own domain, when you use WordPress, which will cost about $ 7 – $ 12 per year.

Since the initial investment for the WordPress site can range from $ 73 to $ 200 and up, depending on how much you paid for the plug-ins.
It does not take into account the cost factor works WordPress developer, if you want to have been made unique settings, features and design for your website. The cost of these papers can vary from several hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.


Based on our experience, while as WordPress is more expensive to install, one more question, which is less discussed, how difficult it is to find good help. As already mentioned, there is too much information on WordPress, and quality of information can be a good or awful.
Hiring WordPress developers can certainly help, but the hiring process can be a process of trial and error. The real threat to use WordPress – it is hiring the wrong contractor – will cost you time and money.

On the other hand, if you have the time and money to invest in WordPress, you can do much more with WordPress, than Wix .
Selecting Wix or WordPress is a personal decision of each. If you prefer to invest your time on other things outside the site, Wix is ​​the best solution for you.


Choosing WordPress or Wix is ​​a very personal choice – WordPress is a powerful and flexible, but it also takes a lot of time to sort out all the textbooks and plug-ins to find the right tools to help you build a good website.
By WordPress often seek the help of a developer.

At Wix, they will help you manage all upgrades and support. Although less flexible than WordPress, Wix site construction site easier and more enjoyable (especially for people not engineering majors).

So, in conclusion, we believe that if you are one person or a team not known technical resources to make, maintain and manage the site, we recommend using the Wix .

If you’re a techie or have someone who is versed technically in your team, and you want to create a site that is beyond the scope of what Wix has to offer, then WordPress certainly we will help you build more powerful and functional site.

We hope that this debate about the difference between WordPress and Wix helpful to you!