Company “Apple” was created in April 1976, was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Vaznyak. Now in its fourth decade the region we use wonderful products of this company such as a new iPhone, iPod, MacBook and Mac Pro.

It is necessary to remember the suffering and hardships of so many Apple products are designed in history.We want to show 10 products from Apple that never reached mass production.

Apple in the time that Steve Jobs was director , invested in various projects. For example, maybe you have heard the project that name is Apple II, Lisa, etc. However, hundreds of pictures and examples of devices that are marketed for various reasons was in this product but nobody never seen them!

The company Apple that was in grow, decided to will be famous brand in all of world. So, because of this reason, they pay two million dollars to company Esilinger that they create new design model for future product .And result of this invest was project “Snow White ” that was base of design for new product apple between years 1984 until April 1990. But some of this new design never was known for people because they designed as Conceptual design.

In continue, we will show 10 sample of product that was result of this project:

  1. Clamshell Apple
  2. Landline and Wireless Apple
  3. Apple headset phone watch phone
  4. This two model seem that as same as Air pad but it is only one type of connector cables for Apple
  5. Apple Tablet with pen
  6. It seems that the tablet with a keyboard dock is enclosed energy supply
  7. This product is similar to a portable device, similar to a Mac Tablet
  8. Mac is in many ways similar to the prototype, along with a static screen
  9. A full-scale prototype of the Mac with separate keyboard
  10. Where is keyboard? It’s a good question. Like a very early example of a MacBook Pro

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