Website Creation – is entirely the right decision, because without personal representation of the company on the Internet, you will not be taken seriously .

Your site can be not only the “duration” of the company, existing in this world, but also independent of commercial or entertainment unit. This includes information portals, web shops, encyclopedia, bulletin boards, etc. But it is important to understand that no matter how nice and useful your website is not stayed, and no matter how perfect the design was not known to your Internet resource will not.

Actually for this reason, and should be carried out promotion and website promotion. You have the option of book promotion in our web studio GKS . Of course, you can keep trying to do the search and promotion of their own. However, this is not so simply as it looks at first sight. We would like to give some tips to help with website promotion.

  1. Increase the quality of the website content. This method can be considered without understatement, the most effective and easiest way to perform search engine optimization. When creating a website, it is important to fill each page is not only unique, but also the great works, competent content. If the site was created, and the customer is unlocked to perform modernization of texts (which are not unique or illiterate written), then the optimization will be ineffective or impossible.
  1. Update Design Web . If the site content good, keywords brought your website on top positions in search engines, web site traffic is high, and the service or goods offered on the resource, not bought. In this case, may be the cause of an illiterate design, frightening off customers and visitors from the very first seconds. By creating a website design, zdravomyslyasche approach to this issue, because the design of the site may like to emphasize the product or service that you offer, and to hide it.
  1. Modification of the entry points to the site. Variable is the entry point, it is possible to acquire new visitors and customers who are fascinated by the information given in advance.
  1. Increase the average time and the number of views your site visitors . This search engine optimization is seeking by improving content quality, to simplify the perception of design, optimization of the navigation system.
  1. Low-frequency queries, for example, Shop Online online can be find on requests which do not relate to the theme of the site. This will help to increase traffic and bring extra customers, but not a significant number of them.
  1. Proper spelling and layout of the text on the site. Prirazrabotke and creating a website , focus the attention not only on the quality of the text, but also in its design, the resource. For the best perception of the material, separate the text indents paragraphs. Select the bold color or other important information, use the plug-in units with significant information. Just in time for them to rush to the first regular visitor eyes.
  1. Efficient web site design. To achieve maximum efficiency of web design can be, giving up search engine spam, tremendous number of images and animations, sound of the video.
  1. Do not placement, removal of “foreign” advertising banners. If you create and organize your site in order to then implement, actually your services and products, do not use advertising, because it abstracts visitors from your suggestions and lowers efficiency.
  1. Website pages and volume optimization. Intending order a website , stipulate the size of future pages. The optimal volume – 200-300 KB. The greater the volume of pages on your site, the slower it will be loaded, and the more visitors you will lose.
  1. To simplify the design of the site. Search engine optimization You can implement and facilitate the clearance of the paths. Due to this, goods and services will become more discernible, and access to all relevant sections to be quite appropriate.

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