Creation of CMS OpenCart online store – VieruHome

Creation of CMS OpenCart online store - VieruHome. Portfolio GKS Web Studio
  • Target: Create an online store for the VieruHome company.
  • Category: Online store
  • Technology: HTML/CSS, PHP, Javascript, SQL
  • CMS: OpenCart
  • Design: Responsive
  • Deadlines: 2 months

Creation of CMS OpenCart online store – VieruHome

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Portfolio GKS Web Studio - VieruHome
Portfolio GKS Web Studio - VieruHome
Portfolio GKS Web Studio - VieruHome


Creation of CMS OpenCart online store “VieruHome” with responsive design. Convenient filter and search for products. Easy ordering process. CMS OpenCart 3

Online store functionality:

  • Product filters. Product characteristics.
  • Simplified checkout form.
  • Online payment acceptance (Privat24, MasterCard, Visa).
  • Similar related products.
  • Promotions for products.
  • Feature “Together is cheaper”.
  • Comparison, bookmarks for products.
  • Subscribe to news.
  • Reviews about the company with moderation.
  • Product reviews using Google Rich Snippets.
  • Smart product search.
  • Blog.
  • Import of goods in XML format from
  • Generation of goods in XML format for further placement on the Rozetka, sites, etc.
  • Connecting an SSL certificate.
  • Watermark for photo products.
  • Email notification of new orders to the administrator and customers.
  • Personal account for clients.
  • Unlimited products and categories.

Convenient store management system. The owner can manage orders, clients, add products and more.

The online store was developed on the OpenCart 3 management system.

The feature of this site is its wide functionality and ease of use.

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    A little about the site development process.

    Creating a website or an online store for a company is a time-consuming process that includes several stages.
    It all starts with an idea (task) – to create a website for specific purposes: advertising or selling your services or goods on the Internet.
    There is a need to find a contractor and/or a company where you can order a site. It takes some time to find a reliable contractor.

    When a web studio is found, the process of discussing the future site begins. Sometimes it takes several days to discuss the project, because it is very important for us to understand all the goals and objectives of the project.
    All agreements and requirements for the site are recorded in the Brief (Terms of Reference for the development of the site). This document in our web studio goes as an Addendum to the Agreement, which is signed between the Contractor (web studio) and the Customer.
    After signing the Agreement and receiving an advance payment, the process of developing the site begins according to the Terms of Reference.

    During the development of the site, if necessary, all emerging issues are agreed with the Customer.
    When one of the stages of site development is completed or the site as a whole has already been created, it is submitted for verification to the Customer. Changes are made if necessary.
    After the site is fully developed according to the Brief and the Customer is satisfied with the result access to the site is transferred to the Customer.

    Normally, a site created does not require regular maintenance or support by a web studio, except for, for example, backup, which must be set up immediately using the hosting.
    Sites developed in our web studio have a handy admin panel, with which you can easily add new articles or products with images and texts.
    If in the future there is a need for improvements on the site, you can always contact our web studio and apply for additional work.
    We also advise our clients on all emerging issues absolutely free of charge.

    Our web studio has been successfully operating for more than 6 years, hundreds of sites have been created, thousands of improvements have been made. There is experience in performing the most complex and non-standard tasks. Creation of CMS OpenCart online store can be ordered from us inexpensively and professionally.
    We also support and maintenance existing websites that were developed by other web studios.