GKS Web Studio decide to say some secrets that how can save the WordPress site from hacker and bad program more!

If you want to order site you must not forget about security of your future site.

3 steps are so much important before you start to save your site:

  • Backup. One of the most important step for save site is backup (site files and database). Why? Because if your site was attacked and destroyed then you can easily return your backup!
    You can get backup of your site by FTP or plugin (but I suggest to you that do it by FTP).
  • Restoring. If you site was destroyed you can restore it by database that was before ( latest version).
  • Update. Don’t forget that every time must to update WordPress version, theme and plugin. This is so much important because of all update contain fix bag that hacker every time use it. So be update!

We will teach you that how you can save WordPress site in Linux and Windows servers. What is different? In Windows server file .htacces don’t work and most of this learning is in .htacces but don’t worry and be with GKS web studio and you will know how to protect your website.

Security of site on WordPress. Part 1
Security of site on WordPress. Part 2
Security of site on WordPress. Part 3
Security of site on WordPress. Part 4