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Creating an online store SexyCat. CMS OpenCart

Creating an online store SexyCat. CMS OpenCart


Creating an online store SexyCat on CMS OpenCart with a modern responsive design. Shop selling intimate products.

The site was created according to the Customer-filled Brief indicating all the nuances in the development of the structure, functionality and design of online store.

Online store has a large catalog of products with a tree hierarchy of categories. At the request of the client, a side menu was developed for easy navigation through the site.
Added product filter by characteristics (color, length, etc.) and price.

All the functionality of online store was created for the convenience of potential buyers . This is a one-click order and a simplified ordering procedure, with which a customer spends less than a minute to place an order in a store. The site search is also made using a more flexible and faster algorithm: the visitor enters the first three letters of the product name, and it is provided with an immediately drop-down list of products suitable for his request. Search works via ajax in real time.

The site has a variety of product display windows: new items, best products and recently viewed. The recently viewed products block is an auxiliary tool for shoppers to navigate through the site, and reminds customers what products they have already seen on the site, but may have forgotten.

Similar and related products also allow the customer to better choose the item in the store he was looking for. Similar products are automatically loaded from the same category of products in which the product is viewed. Thus, it simplifies the work of the content manager of the store.

Do not forget about the marketing tools in online store. In addition to the standard stocks for products, added functionality for managing discounts for customers, namely, cumulative discounts. By purchasing products in the store, the customer accumulates a discount on each subsequent purchase. Thus, the online store becomes even more attractive to buyers. In addition, the customer can leave a review about the product after purchase, so the owner has feedback on the done order;)

For customers there is a personal cabinet where they can see all the orders placed on the site and their status. The standard functionality of the OpenCart personal cabinet has been reduced in order to leave only those items that the buyer will actually use.

Using the export/import of products in the xlsx (Excel) format, the store owner will be able to easily manage the stocks and prices of products in the store, while being able to easily adjust the data.

A SSL certificate is connected to the site, and it opens at https://. Today it is extremely important, especially if you want to successfully promote your site in search engines 😉

This is not just an online store, but a selling online store , because it was made primarily with care for the customer.

The site is developed on CMS OpenCart 2.
The feature of this site is ease of design and usability.

  • Term: 2 months
Used Tools
  • OpenCart
  • Web Design
  • PhotoShop
  • PHP
  • JavaScript


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