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  • Корпоративний сайт от 10 000 грн
  • Інтернет-магазин от 12 000 грн
  • Пошукове просування сайту від 8000 грн
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Frequently Asked Questions

This page is designed for our customers and not only;) Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions on the topic: “Creating a website, design, website promotion,” and much more …

  1. How to start a website?

    Site development – a creative process. And in almost every creative business the most important thing – is to begin. So where do I start a website?

    First – this is the idea: for whom and for what you are doing site and for what purpose? This is your personal blog? Company website? Online store? As far as subjects of a site close to you and what to do if you want to learn more this topic. What your site has to be different from other sites. Or maybe he does not fundamentally different and will not be, but in some places it has to be better …

    Once formed the original idea of the site and you decide to make it happen, be sure to carefully and thoroughly consider the concept and structure of the site. This is a very important step, because it depends on all subsequent steps, namely design (layout) and content (content) website. Here, there are many questions that you must answer is: as if I’ll have the menu on the left or from the top, and if I’ll have a submenu, and how best to place my content thematically, and will be referred to as a page of my site, etc. Once you have decided for themselves with the idea and concept of your future site, you can go to the next, probably the most important step: who will make site for you, or maybe I’ll be able to create my own website, after reading on the Internet how to do this? … Here the choice is yours:

    • you can find freelancers who for a lesser amount agreed to the project, but there is a risk that the work will be done not at the level that you would expect, because of the inexperience of the specialist;
    • you can try to make a website using the website builder, who every day are gaining in popularity, but there will have to rely only on themselves and on the Internet (whether it can answer all your questions?);
    • the last – to apply to the web studio, whose work is the creation of sites. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the first web studio, you will find, you get a harmonious cooperation. But you can be sure that if you go really to the professionals of the business, then you will get at the end is the same site, which will be the realization of your ideas that will work for your business!

    P.S. If don’t have any planning in the creation of the site – how to start, what to do in what order, the project could never have arisen.

  2. Why I need hosting and domain?

    Many people who are work with Internet, at least once heard the concept of “hosting or domain name of the site.” But not everyone knows what it is and what is the difference from the domain and hosting.

    If you want your site to appear in the vastness of the Internet, you just need to know what is hosting and domain. In simple words, web hosting – this is the place where you store all the files of your site. In fact the site is not virtual and not a mystical thing;) The site – a set of necessary files, images, animations, and so on. The programmer creates a website by writing most of these files, which contain thousands of lines of code. Designer, in turn, is working on a graphic content of a web resource. But all of these files must be stored somewhere in order to be available in the form of a site on the World Wide Web.

    So, hosting acts as a repository, “home” for the site files. Facilities that store usually offers a hosting provider that offers you certain conditions (virtual or dedicated server support or not support certain modules and capabilities). Based on the services that can provide a hosting provider for your website, and the price is formed.

    To summarize, Hosting – a place on the server, which gives you a certain company.

    What, then, is the domain and why the concept of “hosting” and “domain” could always nearby and they are sometimes confused? Domain – is the address of the site, which we introduce in the address bar to go to the website, for example, “site.com”, “site.com.ua”, “site.uk” etc. You can purchase a domain registrar of domain names. When you have decided on a host (store files on your site), you must also select the next address of your site. More often than not in tune with the domain name of the company for which you are creating the site.

    Therefore, the concept of “hosting” and “domain” is always there, as it figuratively house and the address of your site.

  3. What is CMS?

    CMS – it’s Content Management System. CMS allows users to post or modify existing information on this website without the involvement of the developers of the site. This means that the user does not need programming skills or knowledge of HTML, for example, to publish on his website the news article or add an image. This is very useful and relevant for today.

    CMS appeared due to the fact that the sites more are no static, and there was need to continuously update information on the site, which is very important for the development of many commercial projects and companies. Now, in order to add a new article to the site with text and pictures do not necessarily refer to a programmer. Using a content management system can be easy to do to any user.

    With the advent of CMS appeared such a profession as content manager, who, in fact, engaged in that adds and updates the information on this site. Now the number of CMS is calculated in tens.

    But, although that CMS greatly facilitates the user to add new content to the site, but for creating sites need programming. Before you can add or change something on site, you need to create a design, site structure, arrange the desired functions and fill it with the original information. And this stage is very important because of how well done site, its future depends.

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