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Create an online store Savoy

Create an online store Savoy


Create an online store Savoy “turnkey” with unique adaptive design and rich functionality . Online women’s clothing store has two prices for each product: wholesale price and retail . When basket gets more than 5 items, the calculation of the cost of the order takes place at the wholesale price. Multi-site directory with the filters by category, price, color and size of the goods. Simplified procedure for adding products in the cart – in one page, you can select the desired number, color, and clothing size.

Easy ordering procedure. There is a function “ Quick Checkout “, which does not require registration of customers – the customer places an order less than a minute. After ordering the customer and store administrator receives a message with the order data.

Connected to different ways of delivery and payment. There is a feedback page on the store.
To catalog have stocks, special offers, similar items recently viewed items. Before you make a choice, the customer can add multiple items in comparison or favorites.

For customers created after the registration of personal account , where he can see all the orders for all time, and their statuses: Order received, the goods are paid, delivered. For regular customers, you can make allowances.
Easy system of store management. The owner can manage all orders, availability of goods. For administrator has information on all customers who have placed an order.

Online store designed control system Magento.
A feature This site has a rich functionality, elegant design and ease of use.

  • Dates: 2 months
Used Tools
  • Magento
  • Web Design
  • PhotoShop
  • HTML / CSS
  • PHP
  • JavaScript

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